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Default worst crashes

well to make my 500th post useful i thought i might as well make a thread that might be fun to read.
so, whats everyones stories on their worst crashes and damage (or funniest w/e)
for me, i have a crappy AM radio and it seems to glitch everytime my friend with his helios stands by me. so i try to stay away but of course he likes to piss me off by standing right next to me. so he did, and my car hit the wall straight on. which in itself wouldnt be too bad, if that particular wall didnt have a screw sticking sharp end outwards outta it. well this wood screw, coming out at an angle for about an inch impaled my still in VERY good shape nemesis and through my bumper. and of course i had no idea that a screw would be anchoring my car to the wall and it took me maybe even a minute till i finally figured out nothing from the car was jammed under the wall, and that a goddamn screw had punctured a humongous gash through my body and bumper. even after that took me a while to pry the wall off. (i looked around, ONLY screw protuding from any wall of the track) so yea, very unlucky wall to hit.
anyways. that was my longest post ive ever written on rctech so lets hear other peoples stories.
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At our recent trophy race I was passing another car on a high-speed sweeper entering the straightaway in the mod-touring A when the other car drifted a little wide and got into me...

it rolled my car to its side and caused it to barrel roll about 10 ft at high speed until it hit the wall top of the body first with enough impact to invert the cockpit of my Mazda6 body..

surprisingly enough no major damage was done...the marshal popped the body out and I finished the race....the car was a little tweaked...but driveable
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My worst crash was at the Hobbytown Westchester track at the end of the strait rounding the corner. The car just caught on the edge of the pvc and broke the front knuckle, aluminum c-hub, cvd, rear shock tower, rear hub, front bumper brace and some screws. To fix it, it cost around $120.
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I was running my 414M with my ancient Futaba 3PB PCM 1024 radio about a year ago (making the radio about 15 years old) and it was nearing the end of its life so it had started glitching. Well, I was coming off a sweeper in practice onto the high speed straightaway which was, that day, right in front of the drivers' stand. I glitch, the car swerves sideways and goes side first into the drivers' stand which is made of 2x4s. Anyone familiar with Tamiya cars knows the 414 came with a 1.5mm thick chassis. Snapped the chassis right in half.

One of the worst crashes I've seen was my dad's old RC10L at the Velodrome in San Jose. 6 cell stock cars going ~40mph on a bike oval. Well, you glitch with one of those things going into the corner and it just keeps going up the track. 6 cell stock 10L + chain link fence = broom + dustpan. I think we were able to save the electronics. He won a new one in a raffle like 10 minutes later though!
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Come on guys, isn't it obvious that this sort of post belongs in the Chat Lounge?
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Hmm, I don't think I've had a "worst crash." I think my hardest crash was when my E-Maxx rammed into my aunts car at 30mph.. My "worst crashes" now are into walls and people..
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probably the worst thing i had ever done was when i was cruising my xxx-s in front of my buddies house in the early spring. I was going at a high speed when my buddy says "Car" so i look up and i drive my car into a snowbank, launching it into the air, doing a 180 spin and landing on its wheels. no way in hell could i do that again.

just last week i was practicing with the body off of my XRAY and went to pass my buddy, we came together and i got jammed between the boards & his car, which sent my car cartwheeling up and over the boards and into the seats. zero damage done, those rubberneck bumpers work wonders
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my worst crash, well i know i caused a bad one, it was during practice, and i was pretty much drafting a corally, and we were going into a sweeper, well he lifted but i could still stick it wide open, and going into this sweeper, there must have been about .5 of an inch between us even before getting to the sweeper, well he slows down and i go wide open into his rear end, sends his car flying and hits the outside wall with the roof of the body,and i swore the ground shook when it hit. And surprisingly he didnt break!

Then as for my car, it was when i ran my tc3, i had hit a wall, and my right front wheel tucked up and was lodged on top of my servo. Car ran pretty good except for when the chassis would catch on the ground.
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They had just finished blowing the track off and 2 of us were running a practice pack. We ran about 5 laps and no incidents. buddy pulls off and I decided to run 1 or 2 more laps. Our track uses concrete patio pavers in the corners of the braces to support the pipes. They are normally completely surrounded by PVC so no worries.

Well, one of the guys blowing the track off had used the paver to prop the pipe up to blow under it and then instead of putting it back in place put it in the back stretch. It was tucked up against the pipe so you couldnt see it from teh stand.

Yep, full speed right into it. I had run approximatel 6 laps without coming near it and on my last lap I smacked it.
Didnt even know what happened till I got down to the track lol, it was kinda funny. The body was perfect looking...the paver was about 6 feet down the track.

XRay, broke the chassis right behind the bumper, the upper bumper holder, and sheared the motor mount screws. Other than that everything was fine lol. Back up and running the next morning.
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Default Lots of brokn stuff

When i was a rookie, ( last week i thik.. ) i was running a cheaper twin deck car in a control class using a 14x2.

Our track is an out door track that is normaly used for 1/10 nitro. The boundy is made up of aluminium c channel bolted into the ground, with 5mm thick metal strip onto to that to form the barrierr. IIts big enough to have some run off b4 you hit stuff normally.

Because we were using a "cut through" to make the track shorter, one corner was right where a piece of c channel was bolted into the ground.

You can guess the rest!!!!

got a friendly nudge , , and drove head into this border.
one of those sickening hits where the car just stops dead. Doesnt bounce off at all.......

Parts list:

-Both upper and lower decks,
-F/R hinge pin, bent, at 30deg
-front belk head in a thousand pieces
-diff, well just throw that away
-F/R lower arm
-F/R c hub,
-F/R steering knuckle and bearings
-A reasonably good set of tres, now only had 3 that were close to round
-front shock tower
-My ego
-My wallet

Then i went and brought a real car. My yokomo MR4TC, worlds.!!!!

I think weve all had days like that, so this should be an interesting thread!!

Seen some good Nitro stacks too!!
Come on boys.....

Own up now!!
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I was showing off my race-ready Yokomo GT4 to a couple of off roaders here in Germany. I did a mid speed run to check the brakes, and tracking of the car, cause it was long enough to do a full, 2-speed rip. It came back, hitting a small dip along the way. the car didn't react to it, so I ASSUMED that it was ok. Turned the car around and opened the throttle.....full bore, NO BODY. The car hit the same dip, the front end shot straight up into the air, and began its 30 rotation, tumble of death for 30 ft. I felt my insides turn inside out because in each rotation, a part was flying off.

I still haven't bought the replacement parts for it yet!
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I seem to have lots of very bad accidents, but I havent broken one part, except for a left front suspension arm on my tc3. Probobly thge worst crash I had was when I was racing my rc12l3. I was comming into the sweeper, and I cliped the inside wall, and the car just shot into the air, tumbled a little bit, and hit the outside concrete wall. Nothing broke at all. Then again that isnt that bad compared to some of the other peoples crashes on this thread.
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My worst accident wasn't with an RC car, but is a major reason I'm doing RC.

I used to race karts. Mt last one had a Parilla leopard engine in it. That develops 26-28 bhp. It'll move the kart at over 70 mph on long straights.

For those who have never run a kart , believe me when I tell you that 70 in a kart feels like you're going at light speed.

I clipped a traffic cone one day in practice. Must have been going 60 mph. Observers have confirmed this. The kart went into the air and rolled sideways. I didn't get thrown. The kart came down on top of me - the steering wheel and shaft bent in such a way that when the kart came down, the wheel was perpendicular to my chest and bounced off my right clavicle 4-5 times, shatering it. I also had multple bruises, contusions and my helmet looked my someone had taken a grinder to it.

That was a trip to the hospital.

Witnessing the wreck caused two people to immediately quit karting. It was that nasty.

A few weeks later I was diagnosed with a major blood clot, running almost the full length of my left leg. That's the mother of all blood clots. They also found numerous clots on both lungs (bilateral pulmonary embolism). My doctors said I was about a pubic hair short of a major stroke or heart attack. That required three days in the hospital, confined to bed, and left to contemplate my brush with mortality.

As it turns out I have this freaky blood protien mutation that causes radical clotting to occur following severe trauma.

I decided that was about enough of risking my neck for the sake of a $5 trophy. I retired.

I couldn't stand the tought of not racing . My wife suggested that I find something to take the place of karting so I wouldn't spend the winter moping around the house. Having known this woman for over 20 years, I took that as a threat. I ran into a guy who told me some about RC racing. It sounded cool, so I checked it out. Looked fun so I gave it a go.

I'm having a ball, and not missing the karts at all. Even better, I can crash the hell out of my car and I don't go to the hospital.
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I was at the location, but my friend was driving:

I'm a die hard racer, and my best friend is a die hard basher. So he got this brand new Ofna buggy and called me to come over and check it out. So I go over and he's driving this thing about in his yard. And of course, he doesn't buy the fail safe or throttle return spring . Well he lives in an upper class neighborhood and the elder neighbors already don't like him driving this loud buggy around in his yard. Back to the story, he's takes this thing into the street to make some speed runs. Well, he hits the throttle and it shoots away from our feet. He's pinning the trigger and it's hauling A$$. Then it glitches and runs over the curb. Now the carb is stuck at full throttle and this thing is barrelling towards a garage with a new lexus sitting in it. This Ofna is doing like 45mph and it swerves just before the garage. It plows into a huge clay pot. The pot shatters. Then it heads into the garden. Dirts flying everywhere. Now it jumps out of the dirt and heads back accross the road. Hits the curb and horribly mangles a front rim. After a second of full speed through his yard, it collides with a tree and flames out. We rush over to review the damage.

3 cracked rims
1 shattered rim
2 torn tires
1 thrown out foam
1 aluminium shock tower
2 shock shafts
1 rear wing
1 wing mount
1 body
1 bent hinge pin
1 expensive clay pot
hours worth of rose gardening
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I'd just built a brand new 12L and was all set to race the next morning. One "tradition" I'd had until that point was to always test drive a new car in front of my house before taking it racing. So there I am around 2 in the morning ruinning a 12L with a fast modified in it and I'm barrelling down the street,, when all of a sudden the car goes from flat out to dead stop in ZERO space, just a completely INSTANT full stop accompanied by a loud "clack" sound.

Turns out there was a street valve for a nearby fire hydrant there, and the metal around the cap stuck up about a half inch above the pavement. The ride height of the chassis was maybe an eighth of an inch, so it hit that immovable steel cap like a brick wall. Didn't look too bad at first, but when I took the car inside, the cassis was cracked, the t-bar broken, the rear pod pieces had sheared the screws off, the servo and receiver and speed control were all dead... basically a total write-off.

I do my test driving at the track now.
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