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Any ideas on how to cook a great steak? >

Any ideas on how to cook a great steak?

Any ideas on how to cook a great steak?

Old 03-11-2012, 04:30 AM
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Default Any ideas on how to cook a great steak?

I've recently taken up a hobby I find just as enjoyable as RC, and less expensive as well.

Im trying to cook a perfect steak, my first stab at it, I made a ribeye and it came out ok but left some to be desired due to that being the first steak I ever prepared.

Yesterday I cranked out a New York Strip Steak, I heavily salted and peppered it, I forgot one side, but only put garlic powder on one side. I put it in the frying pan at a heating level of 6 to cook it medium rare, after I flipped it I threw in 3 slices of butter, and basted the top of the steak with the flavorful concoction.

I have 1 New York strip steak left, Im going to cook when I wake up.

I have several questions such as should I be pan frying or BBQing it? Im finding the frying pan after my 2nd steak I made to put a really good steak, albeit unhealthy, because it keeps all the juices and fat inside the pan.

Any ideas on how to pick a good steak? Since I know nothing, Im thinking of just asking the Butcher which steak he recommends, I find there are so many factors into making a great steak that only a couple days into this new hobby, I can't possibly know everything.

What are your guys methods to cooking a great steak? Right now Im sticking to pan frying it, since I like mine medium rare and I can control the heat pretty well on my electric stove.
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Old 03-11-2012, 06:58 AM
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Haven't done it myself, but I've seen steaks cooked like a restaurant, come out really good. Start with pan frying it like you are, and then once it is 'sealed', stick the pan in the oven for X amount of time depending on how you like it cooked. Doesn't burn the crap out of the outside, yet cooks the inside with the heat from the oven.

Personally I have always grilled my steaks. Contrary to typical grilling-101, I like to flip mine pretty often, I do this with burgers too and they come out awesome.
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Old 03-11-2012, 08:29 AM
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Trial & error without the fear of failing is the only way you will consistently cook the perfect steak.

Also try different seasoning combinations, marinades, rubs, etc. for different cuts of meat. Same goes for cooking technique. In other words, what works for a rib eye may not work for a New York strip and what works on the grill may not work in the frying pan.
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Old 03-11-2012, 11:42 AM
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I may have different tastes than you, but here is what I personally like to do... and it is quick and easy.

To start with, you're using the proper seasonings... salt, pepper (fresh cracked pepper from a grinder has a lot more flavor) and garlic powder are just fine. Sometimes I put on a little oyster sauce (from the Asian market).

Put your seasonings on... I usually "pat" them on to get them to stick better. Wrap it in plastic or put it in a plastic bag and let it sit overnight in the fridge. That gives the salt time to work... it first draws the juice out and mixes with the salt... then that gets drawn back into the meat. It makes it more tender, juicy, and flavorful. That step will improve the meat no matter what kind.

How I cook it: I really like my steaks "chicago" or "pittsburg" style (it is actually originally an Italian thing I think) which is browned to the point of almost charred on the outside, but rare to medium rare. This takes VERY high heat. I use a cast-iron skillet (properly seasoned, meaning repeatedly oiled and heated, so it is virtually non-stick) over a "turkey frier" type gas burner on my back porch. I give the pan a quick splash of olive oil and spread it around, then put it on the flame on high until the oil starts to smoke pretty heavily. I sear all the edges first, about a minute per edge... ends, sides, everywhere. Then I give it about 90 seconds or so per side. Between each edge or side I redistribute the oil to make sure none of it cooks on a "dry" surface. That's it. Let it "rest" a couple of minutes and enjoy.

I also make roast beef by starting the same way- same seasoning method (but add some herbs to taste) and let it marinate overnight... sear about 90 seconds per side outside as described above, then finish it in a 250 degree oven until a meat thermometer inserted to the center reads 135 degrees. Let it rest at least 15 minutes before slicing.

There is no one "right" way to cook a steak... but a lot of "wrong" ones. You will need to experiment to find what suits your taste. You might give what I just outlined a try though, and see if you like it.
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Old 03-11-2012, 12:11 PM
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Here's how I cook mine (on the grill)

Steak at room temperature
Salt and Pepper
Medium-high heat
cook steak on 4-5 mins/side, turning once
Let rest
eat and enjoy.

I prefer ribeye personally.
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I honestly think with a good cut of steak you don't need much seasonings besides salt and pepper. Maybe a little garlic or dash of Tonys or what you can't go wrong with is look up a recipe for a steak butter made with herbs and garlic etc and top the steaks with that once done.

I prefer throwing them on the Weber and as stated above your meat should be room temp. when throwing it on.

As far as picking them out look for a nice looking red steak with a decent amount of fat, but not to much. Ribeyes are suppose to be well marbled with fat.
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Old 03-11-2012, 08:05 PM
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The hardest part for me is picking the perfect steak. And at least where I buy, the butcher is pretty much clueless. A good steak has to have some fat marbleing to be tender. As said above, start at room temp and slap it on a really hot grill or pan.
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Old 03-12-2012, 01:12 AM
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I got a rib eye sitting upstairs with seasonings salt/pepper/garlic powder on both sides. Im letting the salt work its way in but I never thought to let it sit over night in the seasonings.

I have an immigrant in my household, and she got into my steak stash and cooked a horrible steak. I think it was well done which is not how I like it, but she didn't season it or nothing, she just threw it in a pan with some vegetables. Unfortunately Im out $6.50 and have to eat the horrible thing, I hate to throw out an expensive cut of steak, but compared to the 2nd steak I cooked in the last week this one is garbage.

Im gonna eat a 2am steak here in a bit, Ill give you guys an update as to what I did and how it came out.

Im probably going to add some cayenne pepper on both sides of the steak while its in the pan.

edit: Ok Im eating it right now. It came out really good, mom said I went a little heavy on the garlic powder and I have to agree I had quite a bit of garlic powder on there, but it didn't ruin the steak. Im gonna take a spoon so I can moderate how much garlic powder I put on the next one.

Its succulent, juicy. I basted the top of it with butter/oil/garlic poder/salt/pepper mixture so even the top is really juicy. Its very flavorful, I would even say it is restaurant quality. Initially it came out a bit too rare so I threw it back in the pan for about 3 more minutes to get it to a nice medium rare. Not bad for a $7.50 steak, this is like high dining from my home.

Its in an entirely different league than the one that the immigrant in my household cooked, this one is pretty damn good if I do say so.

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room temp, salt and pepper both sides (or montreal seasoning),let it sit for atleast an hour, cook over charcoal, medium to high heat until desired doneness. porterhouse is my personal fave, been cooking them like this for years, i no longer order steak out because mine come out better at home. charcoal is the key IMHO. i would never fry a steak.
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Originally Posted by kaiser View Post
charcoal is the key IMHO. i would never fry a steak.
Can't beat the smoky flavor charcoal gives any meat.
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Proper NY strip steak is cut 1 1/2" thick, left out covered for 45minute's, kosher or sea salt never table salt. I like to add a bit of garlic, onion and dry rubbed sage to sometime's. Charcoal is a must for what a proper steak in my book is. Propane and the stove just doesn't cut it. high heat, sear both side's for 1-2 minute's then set to side of grill with no coal's. Alway, alway's remember to pull from grill when it read's 10-15 degree's below what you like it at. That is the biggest mistake people do is cook the steak to medium rare then pull it off and by the time it is on the table it is medium well. Now there are some good steak's to cook in a super high heat pan, like a sirloin. I try to buy aged steak when back in the US, but here i can get nice fresh Angus cut's from the commissary butcher. make friend's with your butcher, bring him beer's after work or get on his good side to get the best cut's and the best deal's.
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Here is what Top Chef star Fabio Says:

Here is the Video

Fabio gives away the secret on how to choose and cook the perfect steak.


•The right cooking technique will improve any piece of meat -- leaner meats are best for roasting or grilling, fattier meat are good for braising and broiling.
•Marbling determines how juicy your steak will be.
•Always let the steak reach room temperature before cooking.
•Searing 101: sear at a high heat immediately to crisp the outside of the steak. Turn the heat lower once the second side has seared to maintain the melt-in-your mouth pink on the inside.
•Using a fresh herb brush to brush oil on to the steak will infuse the steak with amazing fresh flavors.
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Start with a cut of meat straight from the farm, not the processed, water-injected, dyed stuff from the store. Aged, farm raised beef beats supermarket beef hands down, every time. Season with non-iodized salt and your choice of spices, bring up to near room temp, but don't overdo it, sear for 1-2 min. per side, the finish cooking SLOW.

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If I know I'm going to a fire to drink and ride dirt bikes all night I'll get steaks marinating all wrapped up in foil packs. Throw one in the fire and bring it out after 10 minutes and just watch your drunk friends mouths start watering. not the best tasting steak but not bad, and its not covered in dirt and ashes.

Other than that going with the flip once method on a BBQ has helped my Steak quality a lot.
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Old 03-18-2012, 02:42 AM
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Oh-oh-oh, WHAT A MISTAKE!!!!!! SALT on meat? Are you guys NUTS!!!!! NEVER, NEVER, put salt on meat!! Salt will absorb the juicyness. Here is an example why: ever put salt on a snail? You know what happens? The snail will die because it will dryed out.
Here what we put on our steak ( I am a former chef)
The meat will has to be on room temperature, so take them out 20 minutes out of your refrigerator. Garlic, fresh black pepper and cajun flavor. mix this and put this on both sides.
Heat up the grill to the highest temperature after you have pur some oil on the grillrails . Once the grill has reached its temperature, sear the steak close on both sides. The second turn you turn the stuck 45 degress on the grill so make to nice waffle-effect. Sear each sides for 1,5 minutes.
Then you lower the heat of the grill (or if you own a carchoal grill with differents heights put it a tree higher ) and turn it it every 2 minutes. Do this only 2 times.
Your steak will be rose and juicy on the inside and tastfull on the outside.
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