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PUSH yourself to the next level!!

PUSH yourself to the next level!!


Old 01-13-2005, 02:09 PM
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I agree with Ray that the reason its been the same guys in mod is because the fast guys in stock not all but quite a few don't want to take that jump because of comfort level. I beleive that when you are traveling around the country to go to large events. the last thing your thinking of is the budget between stock and mod. on a club level i could see this argument but since stock has become the most popular class you don't see guys progressing to the level the current factory guys are at. Thats also the reason the factory guys make the switch from company to company because there is no new drivers for the manufacturers to pick up.
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Old 01-13-2005, 03:47 PM
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I personally have only been racing about 6 months. Started in Febuary, raced to June then forced into a long break until this past weekend. I ran stock because that was the only thing there was at my track. Well, there was 19T but it was the fastest guys running it. TC has taken a huge nosedive as everyone moved to oval here. The last points series the 4 or 5 remaining drivers decide to run 19T only so I gave that a shot this past weekend. First time touching the car since last summer, first time ever running 19T and I actually drove 10 times better than I ever did in stock.

Stock motors force me to push to hard to try and be fast to keep up with everyone. this past weekend I wasnt concerned about speed at all with the 19T and was much more relaxed and so I drove smoother. Only clipped a pipe once in 3 heats.

Not sure my post fits in with the topic but thought i would share lol.
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Old 01-13-2005, 03:57 PM
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What is funny about this is people saying tire costs are high. Try running any nitro car, an offroad buggy/truck or a mod 1/12 scale and you will find just as high tire costs as a mod tourer (well at least in my experiences in racing all these classes for the last 3 years) In pretty much all the above cases you can rely on chewing a set of tires out in 1 or 2 meets. Mod does not have extraordinary tire usage compare to almost all racing classes, it is just that stock has less since speeds are so low.

I have also found that the Orion Revolution motors have so significantly lowered my motor maintenance that the money I save on brushes and springs etc etc that people use to make stock motors "fast" that I have spare cash to buy a few sets of tires.
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Old 01-13-2005, 05:05 PM
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Originally posted by JKA
So that must be you on that motorcycle?
Actually close!! Got a problem with that!!
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Old 01-13-2005, 05:18 PM
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Interesting.... it seems that a whole host of issues are on the fore with people saying things such as:

1. The difference between National, Regional and Club Level Competition. It seems that unless you have been to some big races (or have guys who go to them racing at your Club or Regional) such as the Halloween Classic, Cleveland, the Novak Race, Snowbirds, the ROAR and NORRCA Carpet Nat's, the ROAR Out Door Nat's (on-road and off-road), the Cactus Classic, the Reedy Races (on-road and offroad), the past U.S. Triple Crown Series Races, etc. then it may be hard to understand what fast REALLY is and HOW MUCH it takes to really be fast regardless of the class.

2. Is there too much emphasis on only the top ten? Often it seems that the top 15-20 in mod and 30 in stock jostle around for making the "A" depending on the race, attendance and conditions.

3. When should someone move to mod and when is it ok to stay i stock on a Club, Regional, and National level?

4. Cliche from an old friend of mine (really); "If i am paying it's my show, if you are paying then you call the shots, what makes your business any more important than my business?".

5. What's my motivation? LOL!!! There seems to be tension between when it is ok or even a good thing to decide NOT to invest whole heartedly into something. Who should make THAT call?

6. Time, Money and Resources needed to make even the top 25 at a Nationals are HUGE! Often those who can are NOT independently wealthy and any and all help with discounts and free stuff let alone the "good" stuff are greatly appreciated and often needed. Just to get to that level the racer as often already spent a TON of money, time and resources.

7. What's more expensive Mod or Stock? Either one on the National level cost too much! Sometimes in the right conditions (track layout, attendance, etc.) people can do really well with over the counter stuff. Of course the "good" stuff will not make you turn more laps unless your driving, car and preparation are up to the challenge but then as another old friend once told me "The Top 30 guys can all drive, that's a given so you usually aren't going to beat them on driving alone". -hey i'm just repeating what someone told me, you decide if you believe it or not but it IS food for thought.

8. Dear Lord Jesus please define fun? (and tell us of real life also)

9. Can people take loosing and being the best they can be or do we define ourselves by our accomplishments and the things we have?

10. The Factory teams don't have unlimited resources. Someone's going to get left out of the mix..this also is another reason why factory guys switch teams along with money. Who read Chris Tossolini's interview?

11. In general it seems that NO ONE Really Likes the Idea of Not being able to Compare themselves to the very Best. It's one of the endearing things about Golf...hey don't laugh too hard it's way, way, way bigger than our sport/hobby or is that hobby/sport.? Hmmm, here in lies some of the dilemma.

Finally...wait there is no finally! Or as my cousin is found of quoting "Searching for a handle on the moment..I can't help you"..heck i can't even help myself. LOL!!!

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Old 01-13-2005, 06:30 PM
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Originally posted by darnold

8. Dear Lord Jesus please define fun? (and tell us of real life also)

Real life sucks, we all have to work to eat, pay the mortgage, cars, phone, heat, etc.. Fun is the time you spend in between the "real life" hours. Sometimes this hobby can be frustrating, if you expect to win all the time then you need a serious reality check. Just enjoy the time you spend racing and have fun (i.e.: escape from "real life").
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Old 01-13-2005, 07:28 PM
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Great thread
I recently made the jump from stock to 19 turn.
This will be my first complete season just started racing in Feb 2004. The main reason is I saw it was very hard to learn in stock getting smacked up alot by other drivers. The most important part that I learned in stock is pass aviodance thru pile ups once my team mate who has been racing for a while told me I will learn much faster in a 19 turn class & become a better driver. The first time i ran 19 turn I came in @ 20 laps when my best in stock was an average 18 & I feel in 19 turn will prepare me to have the chance to try mod next winter season.
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Old 01-13-2005, 08:01 PM
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You know what's funny is most people that read these forums are people that want to learn more or want to be faster, all only leading towards being or getting better (not necessarily better than anyone else). Nobody waste time on reading something that is not of interest. So with that being said if you are a serious racer than money is not an issue if you are trying to compete with some of the fastest racers around. An issue with the stock class is the class keeps getting faster and faster with all these new batteries and motors out, so stock racing is not a speed limited factor. With mod it is usually you have more power and speed than you need or can handle to drive. I think getting a car setup and handle a mod is harder than trying to get a car setup and handling good with a stock motor, so maybe that's where alot of issues derive from? The funny part of this is we all are trying to go as fast as we can with a stock motor but nobody wants to make a jump to a mod LOL! No matter what class you are in there is always something wrong. Here's a dream for everbody, hold a major race where none of the sponsored drivers are there to race but only to help those that are racing.

As far as Chris Dosek wining a mod 12th scale race being non-sponsored, but I can't remember correctly and don't quote me on this, he had went to a certain person/maufacturer and paid a large sum of money for a battery pack he used to win this specific race. Please don't flame me on this so I am just saying sorry now if I am wrong LOL!
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Old 01-13-2005, 09:40 PM
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Originally posted by speedxl
Actually close!! Got a problem with that!!

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Old 07-13-2006, 01:24 PM
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Old 07-13-2006, 02:03 PM
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Are you bored or something Chris? Digging up old threads and flaring up controversies again?
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Old 07-13-2006, 02:09 PM
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Or he's just pointing out how the same issue keeps being brought up over, and over, and over, and over........

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Old 07-13-2006, 02:12 PM
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Originally Posted by JamesArluck
Or he's just pointing out how the same issue keeps being brought up over, and over, and over, and over........

...and that NOTHING ever gets done about it.
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Old 07-13-2006, 02:13 PM
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I agree with what alot of people are saying and I agree drivers shouldnt be able just to stay in the stock class because there much better/faster than everyone else, My opinion is that if you finish in the top five say throughout a major series then you should bump up a class. this way you still have five top drivers in the stock class but it also leaves room for five drivers to improve and get up to that level.

The problem with stopping sponsored drivers entering stock is that who will want to run it, surely everyone wants to race against the best to prove how good they are!

But on the over hand who is anyone to say " You cant race in that class" fact is some people only want to race stock and dont want to move up and who has the right to make that decision for them?
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Old 07-13-2006, 11:58 PM
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what rayhuang is refering to stock driver are the top echolon of stock drivers who never move on.

most of these stock drivers are sponsered and from what i seen COST is NO issue. (i.e they prepared to pay the big bucks have the latest euipement and best tuning tools.)

Before every major meet they have all new 1.2+v cells, new motors, all sorts of tuning equipment, $300 tire warmers, loads of tires etc etc.

so cost is not an issue for them. if cost is an issue for you in stock i ask you how many big stock races you have won. yeh prob none eh.

i really wonder sometimes with electric. why does all the nitro guys jump stright into the big time with race engines (after there first few pullstart/rtr engines), yet some electric dirvers who been racing for years have never even tried a mod motor
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