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chammond 09-13-2001 11:05 AM

I decided to set up this forum... same idea as CARCAR - keept he main thread clean for big event etc.

Anyone racing this weekend?

I plan to do so 1/8 off-road at RIchard and Todds track. Kinda burned out for on-road.

There should be a club meeting next week. Terry will let us know and I will post it.

Indoor season soon!


Killer Bee 1 09-13-2001 08:37 PM

If the weather holds I wiil be at the on-road track on Sunday with the Serpent

safaridog 09-13-2001 08:58 PM

Hey mike bring out your off-road buggy as well, I'm pretty sure alot of guys will be out for sat.

Killer Bee 1 09-14-2001 09:26 AM

I would but my wife and I are going to a wedding on Sat. Maybe next week.

safaridog 09-14-2001 10:45 PM

looks like there will be a few 1/8ths out on sat, see you there

Killer Bee 1 09-15-2001 02:46 PM

Who is going to be at the on-road track Sunday ? Looks like wonderful weather i'll be there !

safaridog 09-15-2001 07:41 PM

i imagine there will a bunch of people out, might be the last nice weekend before carpet season starts.

1/8th was a blast, it would be great to see more guys out next weekend

Killer Bee 1 09-18-2001 08:48 PM

Just a quick note to club members. There is a general meeting this coming monday. I don't have the time or address but you can get it from the guys at Hobby Direct. If you can try to make it as the elections are part of the agenda.

chammond 09-24-2001 02:57 PM

Savon - 7PM tonight!

Killer Bee 1 09-28-2001 08:20 PM

Weather is looking good for sunday ! I will be there I vote for a 45 min nitro main any takers ?

Killer Bee 1 10-28-2001 05:32 PM

Just a quick note that the Edmonton leg of the Tri-Cities race series will be Nov 16 17 and 18. There will be no club racing on Nov 16. Check the web page for more details they should be posted very soon


carbsmith 10-31-2001 04:05 PM

So where exactly is the track anyways? I know there is one now, but not where.

cracked123 10-31-2001 05:04 PM

I'll point you in the right direction. Here's the club site http://members.home.com/rccar/

Indoor season is at 8530 101st NW, and thats King Edward Elementary School. It's the smaller of the 2 buildings on that corner.

Tri-city is at another (ex)school near Sherwood Park which I don't have the address for. :weird:

carbsmith 11-01-2001 03:11 PM

Stillore questions
What classes do you race? And where is the outdoor track? Sorry to bug you, but I'm curious.

cracked123 11-01-2001 09:05 PM

The outdoor track is at Thorncliffe Community School 8215 175st NW. About 3-4 blocks south of W.E.M. kiddie corner to the Max store. Look for the chainlink fence.

We're going to racing strictly touring car (mod, stock) and 1/12 open and maybe a novice class if enough people show.

Don't forget, Friday night is race night! If you plan on joining on the action plan to get there around 5:30 to 6:30 to help setup and racing start around 7ish.:tire: :tire:

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