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The WCORCA brings you onroad 'Cracker Racing'! >

The WCORCA brings you onroad 'Cracker Racing'!

The WCORCA brings you onroad 'Cracker Racing'!

Old 05-06-2004, 02:53 PM
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Default The VORRCA (Vancouver, BC) brings you onroad 'Cracker Racing'!

The Vancouver OnRoad RC Association (VORRCA-- Vancouver) is excited to bring you ‘Cracker Racing’. The VORRCA is made up of a group of racers who want to provide top-notch racing in the lower mainland. We are a non-profit organization that is not directly connected to any hobby shop. All fees go towards improving racing.

We will soon have a website established which will provide updates, profiles, setups a forum, pictures and race reports. When the website is up, we will provide the link.

Racing will be at 3227 264th Street, Langley (264th Street and Fraser Hwy). Our lot is large and smooth. We will be following ROAR rules, although not stringently.

You can expect to see:
- latest timing software (10 public transponders – we recommend personal transponders)
- 5’ high driving stand, platform dimensions 21’ X 4’
- a blown track with traction compound, vacuumed when needed
- boards down the straight, straps/hoses/corner dots for infield
- a suitable PA
- pit lane tables

Directions to track:
The best way is to take Hwy 1 East, exit 264th Street, at the first intersection at 264, make a left, then you're on 264th street heading Fraser Hwy. Drive for about 5 minutes, you will see Langley Banquet Centre on your right (look for the Team 1 Race Sign). The Centre will be right before Fraser Hwy.

Our first race will be this Sunday, May 9th. Setup will begin at 8:00 a.m. and we would love some help. Track will be open for practice from 10:00 to 12:00 and racing will begin at approximately 12:30.

$15 for members
$20 for non-members
Revenue from race fees goes to pay for parking lot rental and if any is left over, it will be used to help cover our budget for the year.

We hope to see you there.

Any questions can be posted in this thread.

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Old 05-28-2004, 06:27 AM
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Default racing this weekend

Just a friendly reminder that there will be racing this weekend at our location.I would also like to invite our friends from overgreared and rc pro shop to join in on the fun or just to come out and say hi.
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Old 06-04-2004, 12:47 PM
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Our schedule for the rest of the summer is still being decided but for now, some photos.....

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Old 06-10-2004, 09:25 PM
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Hopefully this group will bring a full race season.

Why not do a race at different locations in lowermainland and a points system? Wouldn't it be more exciting??
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Old 06-11-2004, 11:39 AM
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Originally posted by f2000racer
Hopefully this group will bring a full race season.

Why not do a race at different locations in lowermainland and a points system? Wouldn't it be more exciting??
Thanks for your encouragement.

We have a tentative schedule for the summer but we are still trying to work out dates with Overgeared. Our next race is this weekend (Sunday, June 13th). There is talk of a trophy race in either July or September.

As for locations, we are working on finding a lot for free or cheap. Our current lot is expensive to rent, but it meets our criteria (big, smooth and locked storage for all our gear/equipment). It would be nice to be able to move around but we need a trailer. As it stands, we are running in the red so we need as much support as we can get. There is more info about the club and racing posted at:


Hope to see you this weekend.
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Old 06-12-2004, 10:46 AM
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We are on for tomorrow (the 12th). The weather seems to be holding up today and the forecast for tomorrow is better than today's.

We will be running a novice class tomorrow so we invite out all new drivers.

We will also be streamlining the nitro sedan class into legal and outlaw. For the legal class, 3-port engines and ROAR approved sedan bodies are required. For outlaw, anything goes (5-port, lola bodies, etc.).

Setup at 8 a.m.

The Guru Ken Chan's winning streak must be ended!
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Old 06-16-2004, 09:39 AM
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Default Updated schedule

Updated schedule
The Overgeared posse has been kind enough to accomodate our schedule for the rest of the season, for which we are very grateful. Between the two clubs, there is now onroad racing every weekend in Vancouver. We encourage everyone to attend all the races as momentum seems to be growing.

Our club race schedule for the rest of the summer is:

June 20th
July 4th
July 18th
August 1st
August 15th
August 29th
September 12th

We will most likely be holding a trophy race in July or August. Details will be posted once we are confirmed.
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Old 06-19-2004, 10:39 AM
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We are on for tomorrow (June 20th). The weather is supposed to be hot hot hot. Hope to see y'all out.
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Old 07-02-2004, 01:17 PM
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All right Crackers, we are on for this Sunday, July 4th.

Setup at 9am, track open at 11am. Please be there at 9am to help set up.

We will be experimenting with a mentoring program this Sunday. As best as we can, we will pair experienced drivers with novice drivers to help with car setup and driving skills. It seems that for most new drivers, car setup seems to be the cause of most frustration. It is virtually impossible to drive well if your car isn't setup. Hopefully improved setup and some rudimetary driving skills will make the experience more enjoyable for the novice drivers, and will also encourage them to continue coming out. Of course, it will be voluntary. Let me know if you are interested.

See you at the Cracker Raceway.
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Old 07-07-2004, 07:09 PM
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July 4th Race Report

Well, another friggin’ glorious day at the Cracker Raceway. The racing has become fierce as many of the drivers are within striking distance of a win.

The story of the day has to be Tom. Rather than completing a qualifier or main, Tom usually prefers to rearrange the strapping while trying to break the speed of sound. The result is usually catastrophic for Tom’s car. However, this weekend, having acquired Purple’s 710, Tom not only finished his qualifiers, but also finished his main. So watch out A main drivers. Give him a couple more races and he will be scratching at your doors.

After three rounds of qualifiers, the order in 235mm was Fast Eddy with the TQ, then Sam and Ken Ho. Ken Ho and Fast Eddy chose not race a main so Sam was put in with the A main sedans.

In gas sedan qualifiers, 4 drivers were within 6 seconds of each other in 16 laps. The order for the top ten after three rounds was:
Keith Yu------16/5:13.16
Fast Eddy-----16/5:15.49
Mike M--------16/5:19.15
Super Mario--15/5:07.95
Ken Ho-------15/5:11.63
Ken Chan----15/5:12.06

‘Cheap-cheap, good-good’ Ken Chan appears to have changed his strategy. He seems to prefer to drive the B main, win it and then bump up. It seems to be working for him. Kieth Yu is solid as a rock. Any efforts to shake his concentration are met with even more furiously fast driving.

In the B main, Ken Chan and Super Mario placed first and second, respectively, and bumped up to the A main. The results of the B main were:
Ken Chan----56/19:49.11
Super Mario--53/19:16.22
Ken Ho-------48/18:13.33

In the A main, the racing was extremely tight and the driving was exceptionally sportsman-like. After 30 mins, there were 3 drivers on the same lap. The results were:
Keith Yu------90/30:04.19
Ken Chan-----90/30:12.89
Fast Eddy-----88/30:09.69
Mike M--------88/30:15.77
Super Mario---84/30:03.36
Sam (big car)-84/30:03.40
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Old 07-20-2004, 10:48 AM
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Race Report July 19th

Holy frickin’ mental! Sunday was a total Crackerfest. Time restrictions and a screwy transponder system threatened to foil a day of burnt blubber.

The day started smoothly with the majority of drivers showing up early enough to help setup. Thanks to all of those that rolled up their sleeves and helped us get going on time. We were pressed for time as the lot was booked for an event starting at 6pm (which it never has been before).

Lots of new faces at the Cracker Raceway. We had a full rookie class that proved to be very competitive (a big welcome to all the new drivers). Also, for the first time ever at the Cracker Raceway (thanks to the posse from Overgeared) a full field of electric. Great to see you guys out. Hope y’all can make it out again. And Alfred, since when do you race?!?! We had an international DJ superstar out at the Cracker Raceway, DJ Kultcha! Fast guys Wild Child, Greg the Speed-Monger and Flying Frank joined the ranks under the cover of the RC RV. Dang that thing is sweet!

The plan was to do three rounds of qualifiers. In the rookie gas sedan class, Joe, Henry and Stephen managed to get in complete qualifiers while Tom and Louie and Just Ray battled to get their cars on the track. In the end, the qualifying order was:
Just Ray----6/2:45.96
Tom-------hot-damn speedy
Louie------hot-damn speedy

In electric, the competition was friggin’ fierce! At the end of 2 rounds, 4 of 6 drivers were within all within 5 seconds of each other. The qualifying order was:
Paul J------14/5:11.02

In expert gas sedan, Kieth Yu dominated qualifying (what a surprise) with consistent sub-20 second laps. Four drivers managed to sneak in 16 laps, with Fast Eddy in his hot pink Serpent stealing into second spot in the last qualifier. Must be the paint job! The qualifying results:
Keith Yu-----16/5:11.60
Fast Eddy----16/5:13.04
Ken Chan----16/5:17.82
Bak Choi------15/5:26.86
Wild Child----15:5:17.07
Ken Ho--------14/4:55.10
Super Mario---13/5:11.64
Rowdy Ruddy--12/4:58.04

We planned on doing a third round of qualifiers but the transponder system went friggin’ mental on us. It wasn’t counting consistently and in some cases, not at all. Surprising since we have never had problems before. After a lot of cussing and trying to work some Voodoo on the system, we gave up on using transponders. Time was running out. The mains would have to be called without the aid of transponders. Total nightmare.

Well, it all sort of worked out. In the gas sedan expert B main, Greg the Speed-Monger hauled some serious ass. Hot on his heels were Ken Ho and Bak Choi but nobody could catch him. All three drivers bumped up to the A main. Meanwhile, Wild Child managed to bend his drive shaft into an almost perfect right angle. Holy Moses! How the hell does that happen? Elite and Super Moron fought with engine problems but both managed to finish.

Next up were the rookie drivers. They did not look like newbies at all. All drivers managed to finish the race without any serious crash-up-derby. Louie who was becoming progressively more frustrated during qualifiers pulled it all together and drove an excellent race. Tom has been better known in the past for driving like a friggin’ maniac. However, driving an entirely clean main, he looked like an experienced pro. Just Ray and Stephen, who are both new to onroad racing, also drove consistently clean. Joe smoked ‘em all to take the win. Tom took second with Just Ray in third.

The electric guys raced two mains. The racing was very tight and the lead switched constantly through out both mains. All drivers were in contention. Alfred managed to snake his way through traffic both mains to take the overall win. Flying Frank was super quick but opted to sit out the second main. Paul J who was taken out early in both mains fought his way back to sit second overall. Ramil put the pedal to the metal to snag third spot after the two mains.

Expert gas sedan A main was brutal to follow. As far as I could tell, this is how it went down. After an ugly start, Keith Yu got out to an early lead. In a rare turn of events, he was overtaken. Greg the Speed-Monger stepped in to first spot with Keith Yu hot on his heels. Not far behind him Ken Chan was on the chase. The pack stayed within a single lap for the first 5 minutes of the race. Everybody was driving almost error free. As drivers started coming in for pitstops, things got confusing. Greg the Speed-Monger had opted for some old foams and was almost running on rims. He flamed out in the pits and shortly after tag-teamed off to the Wild Child who took his spot for the rest of the main. Keith Yu regained the lead with Ken Chan only 20 feet back. Wild Child, Fast Eddy and Jebediah Utah were slightly less than a lap back. After more commotion in the pits, Fast Eddy stepped in third. The clock expired with Keith Yu in the lead and Ken Chan still only a couple of seconds behind. Ten feet from the loop (which had been removed), Keith Yu flamed out. Ken Chan snuck by and snagged the win while Keith Yu’s pit guy pushed his car across the loop. Fast Eddy ended up third, Wild Child/Greg the Speed-Monger fourth and Jebediah Utah finished fifth.

With everybody’s help, the track was torn down by 6pm as requested. It only took ten minutes. Thanks, eh.

Our apologies for the mayhem. The transponder system will be up and running again by next race (in two weeks) and we will have the lot for longer. As such, we will be running more qualifiers and longer mains.

Because of the strong turn-out this week, we are getting close to paying off the club’s debt. A few more races and we should be able to start paying off the transponder system.

Hope to see y’all out again next race. I will keep track of race credit for the top three in each category.

Reminder that Overgeared is running racing at the Indy this upcoming weekend. Should be wicked good fun.
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I'm still waiting for the explaination on the "Plantation Owners" hat you were there Chachi.....I think it's Cracker racing cuz you're trying to enslave the RC masses....it's a world takeover plot!

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