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Gary Fliegel 08-19-2001 08:55 PM

Canadian RC Scene
Here we go.

dcracer 08-20-2001 05:25 PM

Cool, we now have our owm forum to post in. We can now start threads pertaining to our own area in Canada as well as for up coming events.:D

OSHRacing 08-20-2001 06:34 PM

Nationals coming up. Getting excited. Chris, if there is a tire shortage will the guys who singed up for the max already get the max amount of tires.


teamanager 08-21-2001 10:44 AM

OK, are we using this thread or the Canadian R/C Forum thread ?:confused:

dcracer 08-21-2001 11:20 AM

This would be the thread to use. The neat thing about having our own Canadian forum is that we can start new threads within it. This would be especially helpful if you have an up coming race to promote and want to keep comments and feedback about that race. Individual clubs could have their own threads as well, if they want.:)

viking-guy 08-21-2001 07:33 PM

Ren, found forum and set to go.


teamanager 08-22-2001 03:57 PM

OK, I think Brent's on the way too !:)

chammond 08-23-2001 08:59 AM

A whole bunch of information has been added and will be added for the next 3 days to the Edmonton Nationals site http://members.home.com/rccar

I suggest everyone checks it out. This is shaping up to be an awesome race! A lot of people are helping now and we are getting things together in a hurry.

We had a few donations so it looks like we will not be loosing money. But I want to be clear to everyone (to avoid complaints) that the event is VERY VERY expensive to host. For example just renting porta-potties is $450! Not to mention the other expenses such as trophies, speaker cables, track repairs and additional boards, table rentals (for radio impound etc, etc, etc.)

Anyway - we are doing our best and can't afford to do everything we wanted to. For example we wanted to get a large tent for everyone to pit in but the cheapest tent was going to be $1200 for 3 days!!! The whole race is only rasing 2500-3000 dollars. It will be a great time for everyone and you will have LOTS of fun. I only ask that before you complain you think first and remember that wew tried to keept he race fees as low as possible due to the other expenses (Roar, tires, motors etc.) Also remeber that Paul and I want the event to be FAIR and EQUAL for all drivers.

Anyway - check out the updates. And please review your Roar rulebooks and the drivers manual I posted on the website before the event. The tech sheets are [posted - I suggest you tech your car well before you come (this weekend.)


FIVE 7 08-25-2001 09:34 AM

2001 Kamloops Fall Classic
"Allrighty then".....Now that I have figured out where everybody is now hangin out!!

Due to a club decision, we regret to announce that this years, Kamloops Fall classic will be run as an Off-Road race only. It was also decided to take advantage of the hot weather we had two weeks ago by re-sealing the On-road track, thus leaving it without lines. A new track layout will be painted in, in the spring. We hope to see many of you out for our Annual Fall Classic Race. September 8th and 9th. Entry forms are now available from myself or at Interior R/C.:cool:

MYXTYPLYX 08-25-2001 07:16 PM

Hey all,

Wondered where everyone went.

Nats is almost here... Getting the butterflies already.
Going over things to bring 5 times now and I know that I'm still gonna forget something...

Later all,

MYXTYPLYX 08-26-2001 11:37 AM

Chammond- Is the qualifying gonna be done using points system or single best qualifyer?

Oh well, no Fall classics race this year for me. Thats a shame couse I haven't missed one since it started. Maybe next year.


chammond 08-27-2001 07:55 AM

Q-Points, best 2 of 6 rounds of qualifying (yes, I said 6 rounds!)
As per the Roar rule book for calculations and tie breakers.


TFR 08-27-2001 04:49 PM

any F1 race around Canada:confused:

chrisman 08-28-2001 12:26 PM

Good luck to all the racers going to the Canadian Nats from the lower main land.Make us proud......Drive safe and play safe.See you all after the long weekend.:)


OSHRacing 08-28-2001 01:42 PM

Abbostfords Carpet schedule:

Sept 29
Oct 20,27
Nov10-11 Trophy Race, 24
Dec 8, 15
Jan 5, 19
Feb 9 , 23
Mar 30,
Apr 5,6,7 Western Canadian touring Car Championship

Touring Stock
Touring Mod
Sportsman Stock
12th scale Stock
12th Scale Mod


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