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Random Nonscence from HelloKitty thread. >

Random Nonscence from HelloKitty thread.

Random Nonscence from HelloKitty thread.

Old 12-28-2005, 09:43 PM
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Originally Posted by 4u2nv
Just another loser to prove how bad the admins and mods are here.. Why didnt they ban this duesches IP the 1st time he got the boot? This is rediculous.. MODS, ADMINS..Get on it! If ya wanna be admins or mods, do your job!
You obviously don't understand how complicated banning someone's IP Address is.

Originally Posted by 4u2nv
Finally a reply from a mod/admin..
Thanks, but my reply was there when you posted two minutes ago also.

Why dont you guys ban this dudes Ip the first time around??
Again, We did. IP addresses change over time. www.google.com and do some research on how internet IP Addresses work, and you will see our dilema.

You dont figure they wont just come back in with a different screen name and do the same crap, and screw another person over??
No really? I didn't figure since he has already done it several times. Gee, last time I didn't happen to bann one of his names before he even posted. Gosh, I guess I wasn't watching.

Instead of worrying about if people are harrassing a scumbag, how bout you guys take some action on the actual scumbag themselfs?
Actually, I am not worried about people harrassing HelloKitty, as the user is gone. I am worried about other members harrassing other members though. It's part of what I do on here....

Im not trying to be a jer or a dink,
Alright, I'll keep that in mind.

but I see people getting screwed here all the time and noone with any power tends to care or do anything about it. Which is sad. This is BY FAR the site where I see the most scams. Its rediculous.
I would love for you to list the other sites that you frequent. With the number of transactions that go through RCTech DAILY, there are bound to be some mistakes. There are by far more good transactions on RCTech than bad ones. Unfortunately though, people don't always post about the good transactions. Thus the bad transactions tend to speak louder. Plus with a couple over-zealous members on here to quickly jump to conclusions - the "bad" threads tend expand rather quickly.

Originally Posted by 4u2nv
Im just a little sick of seeing people getting screwed all the time on here. If thats cool with you, then so be it, but to me, I think its crap, and to see the mods/admis do ABSOLUTELY nothing about it, is total B.S. Its not hard to ban a Ip adress. Just a simple click.
Oh how I wish that was true! Actually, it's 11 mouse clicks and 8 keystrokes just to ban someone's username. To IP Ban someone, it is another 10 mouse clicks on top of the 11 to username ban someone. Joking aside though...

There are two types of IP Addresses - Static and Dynamic. One changes all the time, the other doesn't. Think of it this way - most cell phones have a static phone number. But if I had a Dynamic cell phone number that changed every time I turned it on, how would you return my call? You wouldn't.

If the guy wants to come in on a different computer, fine, but the next time he does it again, another IP pan. Sooner or later hes gonan run out of comps and go away.
Read above.

If someone came to your house and stole your car, you think that should be just fine, because the cops are busy? Hell no, so why should it be accepted here??
No, but at the same time, you should always go through the proper steps to make sure your car will not be stolen. Make sure it is locked, inside your garage if applicable. Doing a sale or trade on here is just the same. You must go through the proper steps to verify the seller. Reputation and Communication are the lock and keys in this case. Is it still possible to steal a locked car? Oh yes, but it reduces the risk ten fold.

If the mods/admins are having a hard time keeping up on it, Get more mods!! Simple as that. I can guratee for every 10 people theyd ask, 9 would say yes. Shit isnt brain surgery just lack of interest or caring.
I don't see a problem with the current moderation.

Also braggin up a "Big" site that is known for bad traders and scammers isnt really cool is it??
Uhm, I would love to know where RCTech is known for "bad traders and scammers." All of the large forums I frequent have had problems. Even forums that have near-nazi style moderation tactics have had trader issues.

IF you have ever ran a forum before, you would see just how easy this problem could be taken care of. Set it up for 100 posts and 3 months. I gurantee at LEAST 60% of the scammers would leave. When I suggested this, I didnt get a SINGLE responce for a mod or admin. But whatever. There site, all I know is I wouldnt do buisness here unless I did MY OWN background check since apparently a person has too.
I can't speak specifically for your post, but I know it has been posted a couple of times suggesting such actions be taken. Putting such restrictions on the B/S/T forums would dramactically affect a lot of people on here. A lot of people on RCTech have signed up just to use the B/S/T forums, and for some members, it is the only place that they post.

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Old 12-28-2005, 09:52 PM
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TSR6 why not just lock this thread so no one can post here any more
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Old 12-28-2005, 10:10 PM
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This is just an archive from the HelloKitty thread. Nothing was deleted, I just removed the non-sence from the original post.
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Old 12-28-2005, 11:35 PM
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Originally Posted by jamescam
When people are allowed continue to post about me I will continue to trip on the reply button. Perhaps you are against someone sticking up for those that get ripped off? I suggest tallying up the useless posts of mine vs Phatkat and see were the problem lies, until then maybe we should listen to a moderator without an agenda like TSR6 and keep this about Hellokitty?
You poor fella.

I think we have gone over this one 500 times. To have fun lets do 501. The reason why these people talk about you is not because they magically thought up your name or pulled it from a hat right.

No its because you go sticking your nose into every single thread further annoying everyone on the planet earth. No one asked you to come and help them, you took it upon yourself to annoy them and butt yourself into other peoples business. 6 months ago when I saw this going on , phatkat was no where to be seen. You were doing this all yourself. Im glad someone like phatkat notified me of you, which let me know I should have taken care of you at first as I could tell you dont catch on quick.

I pray to the RCTECH gods that you be removed...Cause Im tired of beating this dead horse.
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