DIVA - HONG KONG - BE Careful!!!

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Default DIVA - HONG KONG - BE Careful!!!

my digital camera kinda sucks so in places where you couldn't see clearly I drew arrows to it. I will take better pictures if I can borrow a digital camera.

Here is what is all was wrong with the car. Keep in mind the title of the thread for this car was V1RR 90% new.i paid 255 shipped for it. A new V1RR with no hopups costs about 299 on ebay with new foams/wheels and body. So I was paying for the hopups and "NIP spares" that weren't included.

1.) He sent a worthless set of wheels, beat up and warped with less than 2mm worth of tread on them. Dunno why - he could have kept them.

2). The graphite deck has a large hole drilled out of it for some reason.

3.) The rear block is shaved on one side, the other is cracked looks like someone started to shave it but didn't get around to it

4.) the front shocks don't have the screw in type mounts that the V1RR comes with, he has put the regular ball and cup type on that the V1R has.

5. The front belt is frayed considerably in several sections. It will go anytime, and I never run a car in a race when a belt looks like that - let alone sell it to someone.

6.)The left rear shock cap is cracked where the shock mounts to the ball. The shock was hanging down not installed on the ball when I got it so there is little chance it wasn't noticed before being shipped.

7.)The receiver holder is chipped/cracked on the inside, and is missing the rubber crystal cover.

8.)I didn't take a picture of it because I would have to dissassemble it to show it clearly, but the clutch on the 2-speed is VERY worn, it is way out of round. This car has seen heavy, heavy use. None of the clutches in the V1R I've had for a long time look like this from just looking at the 2-speed clutch.

9.)The teeth on the front "kawahara aluminum" pulley are worn nearly completely flat. now he did include an extra pulley, but it is not the 25 tooth that comes with the car to give it overdrive, and the teeth on it as well are worn considerably (not nearly as bad as the one 25 tooth installed on the car though). Ditto the outside rear kawahara pully. Because of the condition of these two pulley's, it's doubtful the belt even with the tensioner all the way down as it is when he sent it, will stay on. I didn't take pictures of these cause my camera won't be able to show it well enough. I will take some when I can borrow a good digital camera. They are very, very bad.

10.) The right front Kyosho universal is cracked - snapped completely off on the end that goes into the outdrive. The left front universal is warped, spinning the one-way you can see i rotating out of round.

Now in addition to all that, he said he was sending NIP spares, look at his ad. he sent no spares. The only things that were NIP were a linkage set, and a brake lever, neither of which were spares cause they were the only ones sent for the car. He also said the tank was brand new which it is not because it has fuel residue in the bottom.

Now all that crap that's wrong the only thing I told diva that I would not stand for is the universals being cracked and I wanted them replaced or the money refunded for their cost.

If he wasn't in hong kong I would certainly have wanted to just send the whole thing back to him. He offered 25 dollars, and I told him they cost 38.99 here in us. He then called me "sucker" in pm's and seemed to feel (paraphrase) that I got a good deal already.

He claims that he is going to send the universals- and I was prepared to wait and see if he followed through before putting this on the thread because I did tell him explicitly that if I did not receive the universals I was going to leave negative feedback about the transaction. I created a thread with no details asking for input - he jumped on it and posted so here we are.

If you see an auction where this guy is advertising something as 80% new, 90% new, you better ask a lot of questions and get a lot of pictures if you don't live in hong kong cause you're stuck with it.

Oh and make sure he's happy with the price, cause if he's not he may ship your package in a flimsy envelope thingy that looks like this when it arrives....And then tell you that you didn't pay enough for packing.

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Referring to your points:

1.) I didn't say that I would include the wheel. But I did. Anything wrong with it?

2.) The graphite deck was removed from my other V1 which has the low cg fuel tank. The extra hole was used to hold the ear of that tank.

3.) I said that the chassis are of normal wear.

4.) hahaha.

5.) The front belt of my V1 even worse.

6.) I swear it was properly mounted before shipped. OK. I'll send you some caps.

7.) The receiver chamber was cut to accomodate the low cg fuel tank from k-factory which is wider. Don't you know that?

8.) That's your subjective opinion. It works properly.

9.) The extra pulley is from V1R which is 27T and I include the extra belt too. Again. What's wrong with including extra?

10.) I think I have settled this issue.

11.) Contradictory. You said that I sent no NIP spare but you admitted that there are NIP linkage set, brake lever. What about the stock spring? Again, anything wrong with including extra?

12.) The tank was filled once for measuring the balance. Afterwards, it was put back to the pit box since the low cg fuel tank arrives. Can you distinguish if a fuel tank was being used? If you like, please send it back to me and I'll replace a really NIB one for you.

13.) Oh I mis-quoted you. You just asked me to refund $38.99 not $40. I was wrong this time. haha.

14.) You created a thread with no details. So did I. Who broke the promise first.

15.) I agreed with you for the point of getting more details about the 80% or 90% new stuffs. XX% is just subjective matter. The buyers should bear the responsibility to learn more before making the decision. If you want more pictures, most sellers including me are welcome. Most of the time the ad can only include a couple of the pictures for reference. Further details should be discussed in private.

16.) Why don't you take the picture inside the packing? I used foam to wrap the car. Separate bag to hold the parts.

Remarks: Problems always occur. But I'm a responsible person. I'll try to fix it. For example, I sold a charger last month. But the buyer founded that it can't charge 4-cell pack. So I refunded the money to him. And he shipped back the charger to me for examination. That's a fair deal. We are both happy. And we are now discussing a new deal. In this case, you said that the universal was broken. I promised to send you a new pack. What else do you want?

You said I'm a liar for nobody sending me the pm. I'm glad to forward it to anybody who are interested.
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yeah, I'm interested. Forward the PM to me. Doubt I get any, doubt anybody else gets any either.

11 is not contradictory you obviously don't comprehend well and I won't bother explaining cause I'm sure others can. Do you know what spare means?

If you cut up the chassis and the reciever for the lcg tank, why didn't you include it? That's EXACTLY why I had to clarify with you that you were sending both universals. You played word games and didn't send the lcg tank that was in the deck that I saw a picture of. We agreed on a deal for the deck that had the lcg tank, and the alumninum handle, and because I didn't spell it out you took the lcg tank out of that deck and put the tank from the other deck you had in and claimed it was brand new. To me, that' s something a "money sucker", something a crook does. Then you'll come back and say, "Well, I never said I was going to include the tank." So you send me this chassis with a hole in it and a cracked reciever mount to accomadate a tank that you took out of the car. Beware of this dude folks.

There was no foam packing materials, the car was wrapped in a one thin piece of plastic and it was free to move around inside that soft container. Yeah, you put the centax and servo saver in a ziplock but even it is missing ALL the shims. You ALREADY asked me did I pay extra for packing so now don't claim you packed this car worth a crap because we both know you didn't.

Bottom line is this car is no where near 90% new and it is not worth what I paid for it - which I accept. I have bought and sold quite a few good deals and every now and then I get a bad one - part of the price for admission.

All the crap that's wrong the only thing i asked for is the universals - and the only reason this is a problem is because you began calling me names when I told you the price of kyosho universals in the U.S. - which you refuse to pay.

Send me the universals and I'll be done with it. I hope everyone can see through your nonsense and gets the full scoop before sending their money out to hong kong for your "90% new" merchandise.

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You said that I post the picture of the low cg tank in my adv?


I haven't modified this adv. I think you are the only guy on earth who don't know what is lcg tank. And I didn't promise to give you the lcg tank. Hey everybody, this is the worst guy I have ever met.

I do know what spare parts is. You said that I don't include any spare. Do you consider the stock springs a spare. Again, I think you are the only guy on earth who don't know what spare is. And are you saying that I'm missing some shim?.

Me too, I have dealt with so many transactions and you're the only one who played mathematics tricks. You said that someone is selling the graphite deck at ebay at $22 and claim that this is the normal price. And at the same time, you said that nobody is selling the universal at ebay, so you quote Tower Hobbies as the normal price $40. Oops, $38.99 to be exact and want this money back. Can anybody tell me which car on earth has the graphite upper deck cheaper than the front universal by almost half? Serpent? Mugen? or even OB4?

I'm a responsible seller and I respond to the complain right away by sending the brand new replacement. Everybody sees who is nonsense now. Especially when he said that the picture in my adv is the low cg tank.

Ooops, you want the shim too
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Red face Man of the word

Being a responsible seller as usual, I have already sent out the universal PLUS the shock cap as promised by registerred air mail. The part no. are W5106 and 695015. Attached is the shipping notice. No matter how ridiculous the pat guy was, I have always kept my professionalism. Quick response is always my attitude.

I would always be happy to fulfill customers' needs provided that it's fair way. If I didn't say or post on adv that I'll include the low cg fuel tank, it's unfair to say that "I said so". I have already promised to send a brand new replacement. It's unfair to ask for refund by referring to the price tag of Tower Hobbies that is about double of that of a graphite deck.

I have done my job completely. I will not drag on these thread which was raised by you. You started the fire first. If you want to shout further, go ahead. I have lots of satisfied customers who bought the xx% new stuffs to support me.
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Diva you can't make everyone happy all the time. I'm in sales and sometimes you just can't make them happy no matter what you do.

My buddy Macky buys stuff from you and and said you are one of the ones to get cool stuff from overseas from. He buys alot of wild cars and stuff I don't normally see and some of it he said comes from you and the other is Control Centre. He said you are the two I need to deal with if I want some of that hard to get stuff.

Good Luck
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You are full of lies. I never said anything about "normal price". And I sent you a link to the tower hobbies price and to the ebay ad that shows graphite deck for 28. The only reason those prices were discussed is because you told me I should be happy that I got a good deal already. Which I didn't.

On the tank - you tell more lies. I never said you put the lcg tank in your ad. You and I both know you tried to sell me your other V1RR that had the graphite deck with lcg tank and alum. handle. You sent me pictures of that car and it had the yellow springs on it. That's the only way I knew about those parts cause it wasn't in your ad!!! Now we agreed on that deck and those springs, and you took the lcg tank out playing your little games. No big deal, like I said, all you had to do was replace the broken universals and I'll deal with the rest of this crap.

I will say it for the sixth time, the tower hobbies price for kyosho universals is the cheapest place I know to get them. I posted in the V1R thread asking if anybody knew where to get them cheaper over here - nobody does. I even told you that if you knew where I could get them cheaper let me know and I'd accept that price and buy them from there.

This is not about making ANYBODY happy Brian and I really dont care what other deals Diva has done. On ThIS Deal he sent me a thrashed V1RR that I paid 255 dollars for. If you send somebody a car you claimed as 90% new that they paid quite a bit of money for and it has this much stuff broken or missing on it you have made a very bad business move.

When the universals get here that will be the last USED item I buy from hong kong - period. You can take chances with your money if you like - I've seen enough.
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Looks like you were sold a bag of crap, did you get some tissue with that.

Diva-san, not taking any side here but that doesn't look like a 90% brand new kit, looks like 90% used kit.
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After looking at all the evidence, I would side with patelladragger on this one. And if you know our history, this is honest....

I saw the pics and I would be upset if a car came to me in this shape. I would never sell a car like this....much less ship it like this. I think the packaging on the shipping is the most telling pic.

Even shipping from KS to IL I would box a car, never in a envelope, no matter how much padding was in there.

I think patella has a legit beef. I am not commenting on the discussions between the 2 for settling this, just the facts (pics) It does seem a little more used than 10%

Just my .02
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hey, i'm posting here only to comment on my deal with diva.

i sent him paypal for a new in package 9550 servo...a week later it arrived in the condition stated as quoted by diva. thank you.

it was, however, sent in the same style bag that an entire car (v1rr) had been shipped in. it did dawn on me that it seemed risky, but lucky for me it had not been damaged.

the deal went smooth, but i'm afraid to think of any other scenarios given the packaging effort.
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I'm with patella on this one. Although I haven't sold anything on RCTech.net, I have sold about 50 items on eBay. And I have NO negative feedback as well. I make sure my stuff is in great condition and if something is wrong, I make sure the buyer knows about it firsthand.

Judging by Diva's attitude with the "Hahaha," I probably won't ever deal with that type of person.
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And also, why would you want to risk a buy when the person lives half way around the world?... Shipping stuff from one country to another is expensive if you want it gareented that it will be in one piece....
Should have just gotten it from ebay..

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Pups...he did not think of it as a risk, im sure he looked all about Diva...all of his positive feedback here etc...so im sure he thought everything was all good...but then he sends him this junk car..
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the pictures diva had posted of that car look nothing like the picture patella is showing. I am with patella diva you suck!!!!!!!!!
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Diva is a guy?
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