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Default Need Some suggestion/tips

I made a purchase of a buggy a couple of weeks ago, and ordered some parts for it. Finally having a chance to take a good look at it, it looks like the buggy is not the version he was advertising. Made the purchase thinking it's a B44.1 but after closer inspection, it seems to be a B44.

I have sent a PM to the seller today and asked for partial refund since even if I return the item to him, I'm stuck with all the parts I bought for the buggy and I would be out of $$$ on my part trying to sell or return the parts. My logic in asking for a partial refund was so that if i at least get a partial refund, I would be able to try and upgrade to a B44.1, even if it costs me some money.

Am I approaching it incorrectly? Should I just pursue a full refund and just eat the cost of the parts? If i return, I assume the seller should pay for return shipping since the item was not what was promised.

I'm hoping for a quick response from the seller and a resolution. Any suggestions or ideas on what would be best way to deal with this would be helpful.

Thanks in advance.
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Hmmm, not sure pic clearly shows it's not a .1 B44 but then I know what I'm looking at...Seller, was wrong in saying it was a B44.1, most likely not trying to get one over on anyone since it's easy to tell by the pic that it's not a B44.1. Buyer was wrong/uneducated by not knowing how to tell it's not as the seller says...

IMO, it's up to the buyer to know what he's buying/looking at no matter what the seller says it is. IF you got the car that is in the picture of course.

Both sides made mistakes but it's on you IMO, if he gives you any money back consider yourself lucky. If not call it a learning experience...again IMO
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If it's not a B44.1, which is advertised, I think a partial refund is in order. If not, a complete. Go about it in a decent fashion and hopefully it works.

While I agree the buyer should know what he/she is looking at, the seller should know the same. That was already mentioned, but because it wasn't what was advertised I feel at least a partial refund is in order.
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Most of the response I get from my buyers, is, "Even Better than I expected"
From my seller viewpoint, I'd be willing to take a small loss, to make someone happy (provided, they seem to be someone that I'd want to do business with again in the future)
I had one transaction, where the buyer was crying over spilled milk, 2 or 3 times a day, saying, "Post Office takes too long, should have sent it Fedex!" Over and over.....then was very happy with the item when it arrived. It was an expensive item, but I told the buyer, I have insured the package, and will refund you if it doesn't arrive. He was such a pain in the ass during the shipping period, that I won't deal with him again, regardless of the $.
Anyway, back to you.
It is, however, buyer beware.
Though, as I stated, I want my buyers to feel confident, that my items are exactly as represented, (or better). It's just good'ole business sense.
Your seller, did make a mistake in listing it. It looks like a duck, but isn't. He should take steps to make it right by you, if he believes in karma.
(within reason) a partial refund sounds very amicable, if you can both agree on a value. Then you can move on, and enjoy this thing!
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I'm still on the fence about this one...If a guy says he has a 2010 corvette for sale but has pics of a 2002 Camaro what do you do/expect?? Buyer should know what he's looking at and be able to ask the seller questions. The OP does have a dilemma in that he bought parts for the car....which will still fit, all B44/B44.1 parts will fir both..

IMO, I expect to get what's in the pictures and I make sure I know what's in those pics.
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