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He and i Were To trade a Motherboard,1800+ Processor, and ram
my Badger 180-1 Aircompressor, Iwata Airbrush (NEW) and Badger 150 Pro Kit,With a Brand new Moisture trap , Air regulator, New Hose Kit , 2 New Needles for the Badger and they Were in the Catagory Fine Medium and Large Spray patterns all with Corrisponding needles and tip's .......Everything was In Excellent Shape and I have Pics Still to Veirify What i Sent All said and Done the IWATA Was $165 new and Was Posted On the case When I Sent it to Him and the Badger Was $75 With 2 Bottles i Added in 2 more Bottles ...$29.00 for a new Hose, $69 for the Moisture Trap $20 for the regulator $109 for the Compressor...$45 for the Needles and another $28 for the New Tips ...all for a GUARANTEED Motherboard Not to be DOA and a 1800+Athlon CPU

So We Did the Deal and We traded ,...........Nothing Major i received His package before Mine Went Out...not as I Planned But Oh Well ....We Spoke twice Then the Next Day he Sent it . it arrived on my Doorstep before I Had my Check Cashed .. Again No Big Deal i gave Him a date and a Confirmation Number of When i Would ship it...and it Went out as agreed

Upon Trying to Get the CPU to fire up on the Motherboard He Sent Me at 1.1 GIG Which he stated was the 1.1-1800+ Atlon CPU Wouldnot take at that Speed Even by resetting the Jumpers On the CPU Slot on the Motherboard ...So I Had Called him No answer ...then I Leave a message online and he Answers it and calls Me Back and we sat on the phone long distance for an Hour and 45 minutes...Still the CPU Wouldnt Power up at 1800+ or on the 1.1 GIG Setting 1100MHZ ...

Well the Only Way I Could get it Setup was on the 900MHZ setting ...So After we got off of the Phone I took the Cooler Off of the CPU and it Turned out his So Called 1800+ Atlon CPU Was a 1600+ CPU that was Overclocked this I Found Out through our local PC Shop and that the Little Plastic Tab that is On theCPU Wasnt a Registered Chip as it Had the 1700TAG Laid Ontop of it

So To Make this Book a Shorter Version i Typed Back to Him Saing WTH is Going on Here ...yeah the PC Worked and was a Major UPGRADE to my 400MMX IBM PC But Still After I found the Motherboard On the EBAY all said and Done There was a total of $148 Clams that i let a Complete Airbrush Setup go for that was easily Valued at over $500 ....$600 With My Shipping and Insurance ...And I Let It Go Cheap For a PC as MY last PC Was JUNK Thanks For another Lousy Deal From Marty

So We get to Chatting and He Starts In Like Well I Have Some Other PC Stuff On EBAY if you See anything there that you Need Goahead Let me Know and i'll work a deal Out on it for you...and i said great Let me Know What you need I Was Seettling for the Cheaper Motherboard And Processor and My HD's Werent registerring on his MB ...WHICH BTW It Has a Bad HDD Socket on the MB ...So I Said to Him i Saw He had a 30GIG and a 40GIG HD on EBAY So I told Him id take the 30GIG and asked Him What he wanted for it...He Said he Wouldnt Let the 40GIG go But if i Like I Can have the 30GIG and i Said OK and I Also Saw that he hd CDRW and I Said you Could throw that in as well he said not unless he Could get an Updated Servo for it and I Said I'll see what i can Get

So He Said He Wanted a 12 Nitro Engine and a Good Servo....So I Did Some checking around and i found One and i made another trade for a Kids Brother's GT with the associated 12 engine Little Run time and a Hitech 525 Servo...and I asked him about it and he Said yeah that Would Work and Said OK i'll set up the trade....2 Days later i get the HD and the CDRW In the Mail and He Said When I asked Him about it Dont Worry just send the Parts When You get them......Well the Kid i made the Deal With was On again and off again As he Was In the middle of a Move From His Step Moms to His Dads So His online Contact Was next to Nill...2 Moths Later I get A reply From him saying He Just Hooked his Internet back up and Has Sent the GT.....So In the Mean Time Im Sitting here With HANDY RANDYS parts and he's Starting to Fume at the Seals...I Dont Blame Him for that ....But After 2 Months he is Now running around Saying that The Airbrushes I Sent Him are JUNK and that they arent No good and that it took Him a Month to take One Of them apart and Learn to Use them

What i am getting at Is this......I Know that With his Ebay Sales he had the CDRW and the 30GIG Set at a $50BIN and the 1800CPU Wasnt What it Was Made out to Be As it was a 1600CPU and I had Stated to Him that I Wouldnt take anything Less then a 1.1 GIG CPU ...And Now that I have the Other Kids parts In hand and RANDY Is running around BASHING me On Other forums for Not Completeing the deal .....Does this make Me Out to Be A Bad trader or Is the Blame Set On Both Of us?

These here are the Posts ON this Forum that Post it As a 1700 Atlon But When I was Speaking With him On the phone he stated it was an 1800 and he mistyped it on the forum and on other forums in the feedback sections he has it posted as a 1800CPU

Here are the threads in this forum as to the deal i was speaking about



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My two cents

unlocked multiplier-that in its self says it all im sorry but if its been unlocked you have to know that its overclocked or plans to overclock. I just have one ? you said you were trying to set it up as a 1.1 or a 1800 but then you said something aobut 1100 mhz I but oyu cant run the FSB that high even in overclocking it just making sure thats not what you were trying to do because your 100% right it would not boot up @ that mhz and if the HHD isnt working you make sure your jumpers are set right for master and slave.
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Default as for it being Overclocked ...To be Honest

I have no Idea as to What Overclocking does for a PC Processor

As for the Question on the Setup at 1100MHZ...Its Not the FSB I Was trying to Set Up it Was With Randys help when he called me after i Couldnt Get the Motherboard to Fire Up Because the Jumper Settings On the motherboard Were Set For a 1100 MHZ processor and Randy Was swearing Up and Down that The Processor Worked...Which infact it Does Just not at what he Said it Would Work at

as I Was Speaking to Him all of these adjustments were for the BIOS setup and the MB wouldnt recognize the Processor at 1100 Mhz because it was a 1600+_ Processor which equals that of a 900MHZ Instead of the stated 1800 Processor which is rated at 1100MHZ hence the problem i was having with the motherboard

as for your Question on the Hard Drive Im Speaking of the Blocks on the Motherboard as to having a burnt out Bank Yes im Fully aware of Jumper Settings However it Wasnt the Jumpersettings as I tried to Install a Single CD Player in the Bank and Still Could not get the Bank to Recognize anything on the motherboard....So on the Other one I have Just a harddrive and a CD Rom and that took about 2 hours for a buddy of mine to walk me through it on setting up the M otherboard to Work With What i Could get out Of It
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Send back the computer parts and he sends back the airbrush equipment. He deceived you and that's unacceptable.
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Default Well i am Agreeable With that

What do you say Randy are you agreeable?
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Correct me if I'm wrong, but the 1800+ from AMD has got its name because it benchmarks as an Intel 1.8 Ghz, but in fact, measured those Athlon XP processors don't clock much more than round 1100 Mhz or something.. But they still perform like an Intel 1.8..

And, please correct me if I'm wrong, I'm so tiered that I couldn't read through whole the original message
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Default Well actually the AMD series Processors

you can Take Roughly 600 off of the number to give you an aproximate GIG Speed of MHZ of the Processor in question so an 1800 Athlon Processor would equal out to a 1.2 + Processor
so a 1700 Processor Would be that of a 1.1GIG and a 1600 Processor which i got Would Setup as a 900MHZ processor
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