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Originally Posted by JAMMINKRAZY View Post
The whole "they're obsolete" argument really isn't working for me. What if I make a listing saying I have a truggy for sale for $100 and don't list the brand or model. Now someone comes along and buys it no questions asked. I ship it off to them. They receive it and it turns out to be a Red Cat racing truggy. Now they get all pissed off because it wasn't a top of the line losi Race Roller(or the like). Am I wrong? Should I offer a refund because someone made an incorrect assumption? I don't think so.

Same applies to this issue. They in fact are Proline Velocity Truggy rims. Exactly how they were described.

Maybe the buyer will learn to ask some questions before he buys next time. And maybe the seller will learn to be a little more specific when selling something next time.
Pretty sure the same thing doesnt apply. Even if you were to somehow correlate a vehicle to rims, the simple notion of you not even telling people what it was would be misleading wouldnt it? As much as the buyer has to do his homework, the seller shouldnt be the one playing guessing games and making people wonder what they are ACTUALLY selling. Unless of course theres something wrong or the like.
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A more apt analogy would be ... say there is a street famous for it's pies. Racer Street!! =) Many many little bakeries and collectively everyone knows the pies as "Racer Street Pies".

Then some shady fellow starts selling pies NAMED "Racer Street Pies". Note the OP is not the shady fellow, not calling him shady. lol But lets say the OP somehow managed to get his hands on some of these bogus pies, he then tries to sell them on. He knows if he advertises them accurately he probably won't be able to sell ... so he just puts up an ad saying ... "Racer Street Pies for sale!! ... Have many ... $75 for the lot! Must go!" (A more legitimate analogy would probably be the flavor of the pie .. ie MTR flavor or LPR flavor .. but whatever)

It's not lying, but it's not telling the truth either. So he sells them, then says hey .. not my problem anymore and look, the person I sold them to is doing the same thing too!! So I wash my hands clean!

Anyway that's just how I see it, people have different values and I guess some will find nothing wrong with it. But let's be straight huh? Honest is honest, and sometimes not telling something is just as good as lying. I don't know the OP well enough to judge, and intent to deceive is not the easiest thing to prove ... so I don't want to say be more honest next time ... but I think we can all agree that you can be clearer in your next sale. But I think from his postings in the thread the OP kinda knew what he was doing. *wink*

Sympathy for the buyer however is diminished as he is trying to do the exact same thing, at a higher price no less ... so meh.

To be an "Honest" seller you have to do 100% to make sure both you and the buyer are well informed on everything about the deal, even the bits that could sour the deal ... well because .. that's what honesty is. Plus in the long run, you're really helping yourself.

Mmmmm ... pies.
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