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illz302 06-09-2009 12:57 PM

GCooper Novak Problems!!
Ok so I traded my near perfect condition Xbox 360 with 2 wireless controllers and games for a Novak HV Pro 6.5 system. Upon receiving the system I noticed that the fan harness had been modified but basicly it was the most combobulated mess of wires coming from the fan I have ever seen, so I thought to myself no worries ill use it anyways.... well boy was I wrong upon plugging in my SMC batteries it went up in smoke. Now originally I thought maybe it was a defective ESC then upon further inspection I noticed that the fire and smoke originated from the Fan unit on the ESC. After noticing this I contacted GCooper via PM on these forum (same place I bought it from) and I was told that there would be no compensation. Now I see this as a scam because his faulty wiring on the fan is what caused the problem. Take this as a future warning for anyone who would like to trade or deal with him, but I def feel like I am not out of line. All I asked for was $50 to makeup for the fact that it was messed up and I couldn't even get that!

P.S. keep in mind this ESC didn't even work long enough to do the one touch programming!

kylekmh 06-09-2009 02:03 PM

this guy (mr gcooper) did a real hack job on this thing. the leads to the fan were taped glued zip tied and heat shrinked. the wires were all frayd and different guage. the switch had been cut off the motor wires cut in all different length. the wire from the esc to the reciever had been tampered with.

he clearly had no idea what he was doing and it probably didnt work for him so he thought hed be clever and sell it anyways.

i was a witness to the smoke and flames that came out of the esc. under further inspection his + and - solder joints on the fan were soldered together which had to be one of the causes there was also a hole burned in the ottom of the case from another part that had burned up

dont buy from this guy hes a tool.

kylekmh 06-09-2009 02:09 PM

also the seller had told the buyer the esc had bee sent to novak to be repaired and they sent a replacement. this statement is either half truth or a bold face lie.

if he sent it in they sent it back and told him to get real cuz of his poor wiring and soldering skills

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