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Getting Pro-Active With B-P-P (Bishop Power Products)

Getting Pro-Active With B-P-P (Bishop Power Products)

Old 12-09-2008, 01:31 AM
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Default Getting Pro-Active With B-P-P (Bishop Power Products)

No doubt many of you have heard of the dodgy business practices of B-P-P.com; just in case you haven’t though, owner Troy Goff(?) is currently in possession of (I would estimate) hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of customers funds. Many customers (myself included) have not received anything in return for our hard earned dollars.

Countless emails, lack of communication on B-P-P’s part , empty promises and straight lies is all we have to show for trying to purchase something from these guys.

Troy will tell you that he has send something out when he actually hasn’t; personally he has told me he sent something out, I wait 6 weeks (with many unanswered emails along the way); he tells me some lie after the 6 weeks.. e.g “oh the postman must have forgot to pick it up”. Then tell me that “I’ll send another one out to you soon”... its now been about 8 weeks after that and Ive seen nothing. I can’t exactly just write this one off as an expensive lesson; having worked a part time job for a good month and a half to be able to afford the 300USD part (ESC+Motor combo)..Im not willing to let this go so easily.

There must be literally hundreds of people all over the world that have given money to this group to see nothing in return.

I think we all need to get together to try and do something about it. If anyone is willing to help, please post here!

Apparently B-P-P.com is under new management; this is what they’ve been telling many people; weird though; the company is now owed by one http://www.allerc.com according to the business registry.

All-E-RC are on the same road/suburb as B-P-P.com

Details of this can be found here (including an address and phone number) :

The current address of B-P-P as per their site is :

9221 East Baseline Rd Ste 109 #210, Mesa
85209, Arizona

The registered address is :
85209, Arizona

Im not quite sure what the first step is here; I have seen recommendations to file a complaint with

The Better Business Bureau. Im sure if there are enough formal complaints made against B-P-P.com from disgruntled customers they are sure to look into it.

The website is here : http://welcome.bbb.org/ and the postcode to put in is 85209.

Im not quite sure how the law operates in the US, but why are they (B-P-P) not accounting for orders made before 24th November?. Troy is a manager at B-P-P, he received funds into a business account (not a personal account) therefore B-P-P received money from customers who deposited straight into the company’s accounts. Why is B-P-P now saying that they are not liable for any of the customer’s orders?

Seeing as such a large sum of money is involved, would it be viable to involve the authorities? We’re not talking a few hundred here or there.

Anyways, I’d like to hear everyone’s suggestions on what can be done to attempt to rectify the situation. What other avenues can we take?

Does anyone know if the registered address is an actual shop front?

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Old 12-09-2008, 07:05 AM
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Here is what I know, because I recently went round and round with BPP too.

- They are under new ownership as of 11/21/08. The new owner is Dave Sobel, the previous owner is "Troy" - I have no last name.

- BPP has no working telephone number.

- The new contact email address is [email protected]

- I am hearing that Dave is refering all previous sales issues to Troy, the previous owner. I can assure you that the previous owner is not going to do anything to get you what you may have paid for. Taking ownership of a business also means taking ownership of unfilled orders, so the new owner should be forced to resolve them, legally if it must come to that.

- The only way I could get anything done was to file a claim with Paypal. Before I did this, my emails went unanswered. A few days after the claim was opened I received a USPS tracking # and was told it was shipped. Two weeks later I received it, the postmark on the package showed it was not shipped for more than a week after the date I was originally told.

- Do not order from BPP. I feel sorry for the new owner but he purchased a ruined name. Search through any popular RC forums or Google search for Bishop Power Products and you will find countless reports of people never receiving their purchased items. I bought twice from BPP last year and it went very smooth. At some point earlier in 2008 they went sour.
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Old 12-09-2008, 05:40 PM
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I hope he thinks that he cannot get away with something like this, if this isnt resolved soon..he's going to have alot more problems!

I agree with the new BPP fulfilling all existing orders, when you buy a business, you buy everything that comes with it. Just because theres a change of management doesnt mean that all debts are cleared.
If I were Dave, Id be talking to Troy to try to resolve this quick smart before it gets worse.
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Default Bishop Speaks

To all:

Hello. My name is Dave and I am the new owner of Bishop Power Products. I would like to take this opportunity to explain some things that all previous customers need to understand. Please read the ENTIRE post before passing judgement or before making assumptions.

I bought Bishop Power Products for a large debt owed by Troy to Me and in that agreement, we have an indemnification clause which basically states that Troy is responsible for all previous orders and all previous debts. This was necessary because of his poor record keeping and inability to give me, in a timely manner, an exact number of orders that were outstanding. He is still working on it today (almost three weeks after the business sale took place).

One major issue in resolving this is that many people have initiated chargebacks with their credit card company or with Paypal and have received their money back but for some reason still feel they should get the product they ordered as well (I have no less than ten emails stating such). If there is a chargeback, the money is instantly withdrawn from Troys account. If he has no money in that account then Paypal protects buyers up to a certain amount and gives that money to the customer and in the case of a credit card transaction, they are protected 100% and the customer gets their money back regardless of Troy's account status. I am not asking anyone to withdraw their chargeback but if you have initiated a chargeback, your order will not be shipped because you should be getting your money back from your credit card company or Paypal whichever the case may be.

Please keep in mind that I, the new owner of Bishop, have absolutely NO access whatsoever to Troy's Paypal account or his old credit card merchant account so it is literally impossible for me to tell who has had their order shipped and who hasn't as it is also impossible for me to tell who has initiated a chargeback and who hasn't. I also have no access to old order information (beyond June 12th as that is when Troy changed to his new web cart). I can't just send orders to anyone who claims to not have received one. If you have not received your money back through the chargeback process, you should email Troy at [email protected] and copy me in on the email as well at [email protected].

Now, with all that being said, I don't intend on standing by and doing nothing either. I am in fact working with Troy to try and get some of the old orders that he can CONFIRM still need to be shipped (that have no chargeback pending). But, you are all going to have to be patient. At this point, what choice do you and I have but to be patient anyway.

Please understand that you ordered from Troy, he received the money and not me. So any orders that I do send out, are a complete loss for me, other than the obvious good will.

We have opened our own Paypal and Merchant (credit card) accounts and we are currently shipping all orders placed on a daily basis by 2 pm (Monday through Friday). I am sure there are people reading this who have ordered from the new Bishop Power Products who are happy customers. We run a tight ship here and now have almost real time inventory on the website (updated daily at 4 pm).

This of course is only the beginning and it will be a long road back to earning your trust, but I need to tell you all publicly that Bishop Power Products is an entireley different company as of November 21st. Regardless of the speculation online, Troy is NOT still the owner and has nothing to do with the company anymore except to help me figure out who the old orders are that he still needs to take care of.

I will look back on this thread as often as I can but don't intend on hashing out problems in the public forum. Please email your questions to me at [email protected] and please don't use the PM feature as I don't have time to add every forum PM to my daily routine. If you email me, please include your Full Name, Shipping Adress, order number and payment method and I will do what I can to help you.


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