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I have bought from him and all went well. He does buy tons of RC's on ebay and then chops them up to resell the parts back on ebay.
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i have bought items from him as well, no problems at all.
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i bought a 3 racing chassis for my revo when i was racing it, from him. when i got it, it only had 1 aluminum shock mount (2 were stated in the description), most of the holes were egged out. and it had a crap ton of scratches and DEEP gouges that were not in the pictures on the post.

this seller is a huge douche bag!!
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DAMN!!!! I wish i would have read this thread before i made a big purchase with him this morning. I hope i get my stuff. and i hope i can get it in time before the weekend races........
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Google search his name people youll see some real horror stories then..... And the weird thing is people bid on his items and for higher amounts of money than what you BUY IT NOW for on ebay itself.. I saw that alot and was like WTF why would anyone bid more for a used item and can buy it new for half that ??? I bought a so called os 18TZ last summe with 5 tanks through it,,, got it and right through the exhaust you see nothing but a huge DEEP gouge down the piston and it turned right over like nothing was in it at all! refund after claim took about a month! never a responce or reply ever
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There are more members with problems compared to happy ones. Keep away from RCWAFFLE.
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Me 2. Bought used CVDs for an emaxx widemaxx/tmaxx 2.5 and got short cvds for the original, original maxx. (Tmaxx 1.5 style).

I complained and he said that I was wrong and didnt know what I was doing.

He's crappy.
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You are right, more people had bad deals than good ones.
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Looks like he's a victim himself. Read the feedback on this one: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...m=120258440619
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I've had two dealings with this guy. Both times I recieved my items however the last items were hammered (777 WC parts). I was very tempted to leave negative feedback however I was scared he'd leave negative for me even though I paid instantly. It just wasn't worth my ebay reputation, so I just took the high road and left it alone. I'll never do another transaction with this guy, period.......

NO more rcwaffle for me.

So count me in.......
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Default waffle

hey guys i have dealt with him alot on ebay.bought and sold to him.he always pays me.and i always get my stuff.just have to be patient with his shipping.he ships slowest way poss.to keep cost down.he has always been a stand up guy.for me
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no rcwaffle! he screwed me also!
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I have never purchased any thing from the waffle, but I have tried. He will not return emails.

I have had great luck with chipsrc http://myworld.ebay.com/chipsrc For your Traxxas and Mugen needs
And jennys_rcsport
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I have never had any problems with the waffle. I just bought a couple of items from him in the last couple of weeks. I recieved the item exactly as discribed and within 3-4 days.
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Default RcWaffle

I've dealt with the waffle a few times myself. He always shipped my product and it arrived as described however, his transactions are growing and his business is increasing. IMO his business jumped exponentially and he is struggling to keep up with it. I will take your advice here and stay away from the waffle. There are a growing number of Stand-Up members here that I will continue to look towards when making purchases or looking for vehicles/parts. It's nice to see threads like this and it's nice to see the members here watching out for each other. Watch out for the Waffle Chopshop!
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