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Ron_J 07-14-2006 04:42 AM

nwcorey deadbeat seller BAD!!!!
Corey Johnson (nwcorey from Spokane Valley Washington) has been screwing me around since the 20th of June on the purchase of a Kyosho SP2. http://www.rctech.net/forum/showthread.php?t=118527

I paid him $700.00 through Paypal. I have over 30 emails with nothing but lies and empty promisses. He's sent me two tracking numbers, one from Fedex, the other from UPS. Both are "billing information only" with no actual tracking that the package was ever picked up. Fedex 654189110000003 UPS 1z6v558t0295000617.

He did send a small package with a few parts. When I got in touch with him to find out what was going on. He claimed the UPS depot taped two boxes together and one must have got seperated. Says the package is back to him now but it's not being shipped.

I tried putting in a claim with Paypal but found out he's smarter than I thought. Paypal has a policy that if the purchase is outside of Ebay and you receive something (even an empty box) they will not support the claim.

He also has told me on several occasions that he will refund me fully. "Not a problem" he says, but when it comes time to pay up he always has another excuse. Basically he told me his account was frozen from another bad transaction.

So, if you know this guy. Say hi to him for me. If you're smart you won't buy anything from him or believe a word he says. He can't tell the same story twice and is an awesome actor. What a piece of work!!!

I have given him till 4:00pm today to make a full refund. After that I will contact the Police in Spokane and take any and all legal action I have available to me to get my money back. If anyone can steer me in the right direction I appreciate all the help I can get. I'm new to this hobby and have never been ripped off this bad in my life. :flaming:

Ron Jefferson, Ontario Canada

Tmachine 07-14-2006 10:56 AM

I must add that I was seconds away from sending him a payment for his ST-R and I found out that he sold it to another guy. He denied that he did recieve payment and made up a story that the other person was making me late on my promise time to send payment so he will get the truck.

I then get a copy of the paypal receipt from the other gentleman and proved Cory wrong. Constant lies, story changes, never straight forward. I can almost write a book on what he said and it will seem like he's Bipolar. I also have reason to believe he has created another name to scam other folks.

Funny, I then see him selling it on Ebay. :flaming:

Feel free to contact me for questions. Just be aware of him and his games.

He is a fluid talker and do not get caught up in his excuses![U][CENTER] :cool:

phimbo101 07-14-2006 11:06 AM

I would file a dispute with paypal. Paypal will contact the seller. The seller will ask you to send the item back. When you send the item back, make sure you have tracking number, and with signature confirmation. Once paypal proof the seller has received it, they will refund to you. In paypal yes it is true if the Seller send to u with tracking number, and even it is an empty box, it is a valid shipment but, as a buyer, u can return the product once paypal asked you to, u can also send an empty box with the tracking number, you will give get your money back.

Nitro21 07-14-2006 03:16 PM

Wow Im an Idiot,I sent this guy big money :weird: And havent received a thing :mad: the tracking number is the same way it doesnt actually say anything was picked up or delivered,remember this guy http://www.rctech.net/forum/showthread.php?t=119894 Or I should say GIRL(Karen is it :sneaky: )Yes I`m the Idiot that thought this guy(Girl) was for real after spending HOURS with him on the phone believing his story down to the last word,I hope no one else gets scammed by these people,Im not even sure if the address I have for him is real or his girlfriend(Karen M Cunningham aka Karen M Rhines also known as Driftcar101 :weird: )but they live in the same place Spokane Valley,WA 99216.............More to come........

Ron_J 07-14-2006 05:43 PM

phimbo101, There's a problem with your theory. Once you file a claim with Paypal and it is closed for whatever reason it can not be reopened. nwcorey tried to get me to close the claim saying if I did he would give me a full refund. I called paypal for advice first and they said absolutely not. That if I closed the claim I ended the complaint and his account would be opened immediately. Playing games and sending boxes accross the country is Coreys game, not mine. I'm taking legal action right now and plan on getting my money back honestly. Something Corey knows nothing about.
By the way... What makes a guy sign up today and post first on the trader feedback forum? Funny ;)


403forbidden 07-14-2006 06:04 PM

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I am sorry to hear this story. I think the deadbeat was still racing your car after he sold it to you. Look here:

I heard this guy has had a few other problems with local racers here in the North West.

I also think I took a picture of the car while he was racing it. Is this a Kyosho car?

Nitro21 07-14-2006 06:45 PM

Originally Posted by 403forbidden
I am sorry to hear this story. I think the deadbeat was still racing your car after he sold it to you. Look here:

I heard this guy has had a few other problems with local racers here in the North West.

I also think I took a picture of the car while he was racing it. Is this a Kyosho car?

I guess he does have a SP2 after all,as a matter of fact he told me he had one and his dad has one both with O.S VSpecs,You all remember his Dad he was the one in the crash and paralized from the neck down...

Ron_J 07-14-2006 07:08 PM

No, No,... His Dad is the guy that was in an accident and had to have his spleen removed. "He's good to go" I was told. A few days later he told me he died. After all the lies it's hard to be sympathetic. What do you believe from this guy???


Ron_J 07-14-2006 07:10 PM

Is there a pic of the driver that ripped me off? I was told it's actually an SP1 and not an SP2.


Ron_J 07-14-2006 07:18 PM

Man am I stupid. The results show he was at a race on the weekend the empty box was delivered. He told me he was at his Dad's showing off his new baby. I had a friend tell me he heard he was at a race but I chose to give Corey the benefit of the doubt. Go figure....

Police have been called. I'll keep everyone posted.


Nitro21 07-14-2006 08:37 PM

He was calling me back everytime I left a message,until today anyways,2 messages no return call.But he was on here today :weird: He might have also ripped another guy I know,That makes it mail fraud doesnt it,someone please chime in that has some experience with this...

Ron_J 07-14-2006 09:38 PM

[email protected] and [email protected] is a couple of the email addresses he gave me. There must be someone out there that knows this guy. Talk to me...


403forbidden 07-14-2006 09:42 PM

post in the Northwest Racers forum here, there's bound to be someone there that knows him.

Ron_J 07-14-2006 10:16 PM

Here's the address I have. Someone please confirm.

corey johnson
524 n. mcdonald rd. # 55
spokane valley, WA 99216
United States


ky_savage 07-14-2006 11:02 PM

It seems like I've become a victim of the same scam. I've been waiting since June 28th on the ST-R. I've been waiting, giving him the benefit of the doubt, but enough's enough. ST-R from nwcorey

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