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TrakPower Speed Equipment.  Did you notice it doesn’t say TrakPower batteries?  So who exactly is TrakPower and why should you care?  For starters, they’ve been busy the last 5 years continuing the development of their batteries, but also releasing new products.

When TrakPower first hit the R/C car scene back in the day, we were known for manufacturing and supplying extremely high-performance lithium-polymer battery products. In fact, TrakPower has been recognized by R/C racers and the industry as a global leader in the handling, preparation and applications-technology relating to high-powered lithium-polymer cell formulations.

Fast forward to 2010 and the formation of TrakPower Speed Equipment.

TrakPower Speed Equipment has enlisted top drivers to help design and develop products with the hardcore racer in mind. Still known for having some of the best lithium-polymer battery packs available, TrakPower has now expanded to include a full line of racing products…

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Just take a look at the batteries they recently released and you’ll quickly see just their line of batteries is expanding dramatically.  Because they are race focused, the batteries are ROAR-sanctioned for 1/8 and 1/10 scale racing.

Taking care of the batteries are the charger and power supplies.

They’ve also been developing motors and esc’s.  All the motors and MS-1 ESC are available either separately or as a matched brushless system. You may also use them for almost all 1/10 racing vehicles, including 2WD and 4WD Buggy, 2WD Stadium Truck and 2WD Short Course.

Once you have the esc installed, you can utilize the MS Connect between your TrakPower MS Series ESC and PC, which lets you use the power of your PC for tuning options: Settings, throttle, timing and brakes all are available for easy adjustment.

When the time comes (and it will), TrakPower Speed Equipment also offers Soldering Stations and Accessories.

After you’re done racing there is a full line of chemical’s to clean and maintain your vehicle which include: Speed Wash Cleaner, Speed Prep Car Detailer, Krytech Multi-Purpose Lubricant, Tire Glue and Gear Grease.

They’re also building up their accessories to include an engine heater, temp gauge, screw set, and carb & pipe covers.

If you haven’t already jumped over to their website while reading this, take a moment and check it out, TrakPower probably has what you need and you just never realized it before now.


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