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dromida-logoEveryone in R/C started somewhere.  In many cases the beginner is young, the r/c may come to them by way of a present, and they’re likely driving around the house.  Clearly you’re not going to spend hundred’s of dollar’s getting them started, but you know better than to buy one of those toy cars from the big-box stores.  So what do you buy?  I would suggest looking at Dromida, a Hobbico brand.

There are obviously a lot of choices to begin driving r/c, but let me tell you why I like Dromida as a top contender.  There are some things a beginner needs, and I believe Dromida does a nice job delivering.

4.18 Series4.18 Speed

Durability Is Important when it comes to R/C, but especially when the driver is learning; they learn how to drive the vehicle without looking at the transmitter, they begin to understand how to take into account depth perception, they learn the steering feels backward when the r/c is coming toward them and also how to judge distance and speed.  All of this learning leads to a lot of crashing.

On durability, Dromida delivers.  First, they include a steering servo saver spring to protect against the inevitable head on crashes.  Second, new driver’s are given dual rates, reducing both steering and throttle inputs, offering a learning curve without putting the new vehicle at risk.  As the driver skill’s progress, so too can the rates increase to release the full power and agility of the vehicle.  Experienced driver’s can also put their vehicle in the hands of a beginner without risking much.

Dromida Then Follows Up those features with waterproof electronics, strong polycarbonite bodies, 4-wheel drive for improved handling in the dirt and sand, big bore shocks for adjustability, oversized bumpers, and the all important long list of replacement parts and ever expanding upgrades.

Dromida Is Also Grabbing Attention from club’s now hosting a Dromida Class series. There are 5 vehicle’s, they’re cost effective, and offer nice adjustability and upgrades for the vehicle to improve with the driver’s skills.  I think it’s natural for a new series for younger driver’s to get into racing.  But honestly, you can have just as much fun pushing the limits of a 1/18 vehicle around a track as a full-on 1/8th racing setup.  This is especially true because the Dromida 4.18 Speed Series offers Brushless and LiPo.  With a 30+ mph published speed, these are crazy fun to race for the price.

Do you have a Dromida or are you thinking of getting one?  Let us know about it below.




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