1:16 Scale 4×4 Crawler Review



For a couple of years now, the crawling and trail riding scene has been getting pretty hot. With that, comes an onslaught of new vehicles and tech. Though crawlers come in the standard 1:10 and 1:12 scales, a new size is growing in popularity as well – the 1:16 scale. Smaller in size doesn’t mean less fun – in fact, I’ve found that these little trucks make any outdoor space an adventure. Take my own backyard, for example – With some particularly rainy weather that we’ve had as of late, the grass hasn’t been cut in approximately two weeks. Standing 4 inches tall, the grass becomes a formidable opponent against a small truck! But, I’ll leave some of the ‘good stuff’ for the ride report.

What we’re going to look at today is a 1:16 scale 4×4 crawler truck available fromĀ geekbuying.com. The WPL-C24 is a scale looking truck that has a lot of the features of larger sized vehicles. The classic look of a small import truck sitting on some big tires and a ‘jacked up’ suspension give this little crawler just the attitude it needs for some serious backyard fun! Interested?



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