TRX-4 With Traxx Mini Moab Adventure

TRX-4 with Traxx mini Moab adventure

TRX-4 With Traxx Mini Moab Adventure

Swapping Traxx for Tires and Hitting the Rocks with TRX-4You’ve seen the TRX-4 with Traxx flex its muscles to tackle loose snow, mud, sand, and just about any difficult surface (if not, be sure to check out the video here). You probably already know that the TRX-4 with Traxx comes fully loaded with the Expedition Rack, LED lighting kit, and a full complement of scale accessories. You may not realize that it also includes a full set of pre-glued tires ready to mount as soon as trail conditions change. Watch what happens when we swap out the TRX-4’s Traxx for the included tires and hit the rocks of Mini Moab.

TRX-4 Equipped with Traxx: Now featuring Deep-Terrain Treads

TRX-4 Traxx with Deep-Terrain Treads

Deep-Terrain Treads extend the all-terrain dominance of the TRX-4 w/ Traxx to extreme surface conditions like deep snow, sand, and mud. Now standard equipment on this model, the purposefully-engineered treads dig deep and pack into loose surfaces for maximum bite to power through the most challenging conditions. When combined with the included tire and wheel set (an $80 value), it makes for a truly unstoppable scale machine. Learn more about the TRX-4 w/ Traxx here.


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