Foam vs Rubber – Let’s get this right please!



Recently, CRC (Calandra Racing Concepts) released images of their upcoming World GT/ 10th Scale Pan Car Rubber tire wheels.  The wheels are designed to mount readily-available Pit Shimizu- style F1 rubber tires on regular 10th Scale Pan Car Front and Rear Axles.  This is exciting for the hobby on so many levels, as we integrate these into racing programs, it is very important that we GET THIS RIGHT.

Foam vs Rubber is one of the most polarizing arguments in the hobby. If you ask me, I can’t tell you that I prefer one over the other.  Foam offers awesome grip, which usually means an easier to drive car, but with a vast array of foam compounds and changing track conditions, mastering the art of foam can take a lot of time and dedication.  Rubber on the other hand is typically more durable, longer lasting and less temperamental at the expense of more weight and a little less grip.

Now I won’t come out here and say that Rubber tires need to replace everything foam.  But the new CRC Tires could spark interested into realistic, scale classes that appeal to the masses, are economical and easy to use. So I will re-state this. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT WE GET THIS RIGHT.

At the moment, in a couple of different regions of the country, the Spec 175 GT class has been starting to gain some steam and participation. The class is simple, uses realistic looking GT Bodies and the cars could be considered by some, are slightly under-powered. This is the type of class where the CRC Rubber Tire wheels would be right at home.  Combine all the elements above with rubber tires, and you could have a recipe for something we have not had in a while: FRESH Blood.

Now, when I say let’s get this right, I mean let’s really be selfless and think about the bigger picture and welfare of our hobby.

  • Let’s keep this class as a hobby class.  Encourage cool realistic paint schemes and liveries. Let’s leave the easter egg schemes for the other 43 classes out there.
  • Keep non-realistic World GT style bodies out of this.
  • Don’t over power the cars. 17.5 1S is a good platform, but offer an alternative 25.5 2S Power Plant, the two should be very close on the track speed wise. At the same time, 2S Brand Name Equipment is far more common, readily available and for the most part, more affordable.  The Brits have had alternative power packages for their 12th Scale GT Racing for a while and it seems to work out well. In their case it is 21.5 2S and 13.5 1S, but the idea is the same.
  • Fast guys, let the newbies and the long time hobbyists have this class. I know you want to race this too, but if you keep scaring new guys off, soon you won’t have others to race.  If you do decide to get into this class, keep it lighthearted and fun. Give yourselves some sort of handicap, like extra weight or fixed gearing to slow you down.
  • Now that the cars can have F1 Rubber on them, encourage converted F1’s to race in the Spec 175 GT class.

I know a lot of people out there still think it would be blasphemous to run rubber on their precious World GT Chassis. That’s ok, this class is probably not for you. You can keep your 10th Scale Pan Car in the closet collecting dust. For all others, let’s absolutely make sure that we GET THIS RIGHT.

Some images of some Spec GT 175 Cars:

Viper    porsche    Corvette



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