I have my favorite, what’s yours?


The best part of this hobby for me is sharing it and spending time with my son, Elijah!  Even though he’s 8, he’s been driving r/c for several years and really seems to enjoy the different parts of the hobby.

He’s just as happy bashing around the house as he is racing on the track, and he’s a pretty good driver for his age.  While Elijah can hold his own at the track, he also has no problem moving out of the way for the faster practice cars. And when his vehicle’s batteries are charging, he’s everyone’s favorite Marshal during those practice sessions.

After he’s done driving and before putting the cars away, cleaning the vehicles are less of a chore for Elijah and more an enjoyable priority.  He understands the importance of maintenance, and enjoys keeping his r/c vehicles in their best condition.

He also loves taking r/c cars apart and putting them back together.  In the picture below he’s seen upgrading the Dromida BX4.18 from a stock brushed setup to a brushless racing machine with aluminum components.  I did mine while he did his, but most importantly, we did it together.  It truly is the best part of this hobby for me.

What about you?  What’s the best part of r/c for you?

Dromida BX4.18 Upgrade Project



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  1. For me RC’ing is a nice stress release from everything else in the world. I work, have a wife and kids and at the end of the day after everyone is asleep I go into the garage and work on my cars for about an hour. It’s “ME” time and I need it. I’ve tried to share RC’ing w/ my sons, but they are only mildly interested, which is fine. They have plenty of other interests that I help them with. At the end of the day RC’ing take my mind off everything and lets me relax.

    On the occasional weekend I do get out and race w/ a local club. That ads so much to the hobby, being around others who share the same love and to compete and see what you and your cars can do is great motivation to continue to tinker w/ your cars during the week.

    I find cleaning, painting bodies, building cars, and racing to all be enjoyable aspects of the hobby.

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