The New XT2 2018 Is Here


  • Recent EOS Champion and USA Champion platform
  • All-in-one concept ¬†includes specific parts to build the XT2
    for particular track conditions on either Carpet or Dirt:

    – Both types of gearboxes and motor plates allowing positioning
    of the motor in lower position (Carpet) or upper position (Dirt)
    -Gear differential (Carpet) and ball differential (Dirt)
    -Two different hardness of suspension arms: medium (Dirt), hard (Carpet)
    – Two different rear shock towers: composite (Carpet), graphite (Dirt)
    – Both types of composite battery straps to fit two different gear boxes
    – Both types of composite mounts for upper brace to fit two different gear boxes
    – Composite gear cover to protect the gear box from dirt
  • New shorter front composite chassis front brace allows mounting of new graphite side guard brace to adjust front chassis flex
  • New graphite chassis side guard brace for increased stability and performance
  • New secure steering linkage mounting increases reliability of the steering assembly
  • New shock absorber lower shims give more precise shock shaft movement
  • New shock absorber O-rings for better sealing and shock performance
  • New suspension pin washers prevent the suspension pins from coming out, increasing reliability¬†


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