Power your ride with Ty’s choice – LIMITED EDITION



It’s been tweaked by Ty Tessmann himself, to give you the ultimate advantage! Available with or without a T-2090SC tuned exhaust, the limited edition Speed 21XZ-B Spec. II Ty 110% engine is a real difference-maker for buggies and truggies.

If it’s good enough for renowned driver Ty Tessmann, you can be confident installing it in your ride! The Speed 21XZ-B Spec. II Ty 110% long stroke nitro engine continues the O.S. Speed legacy, with improvements that paved the way for Ty to take first place in the Nitro Truggy division at the ROAR Fuel Off-Road National Championships. The engine is available alone, or as part of a set with a T-2090SC exhaust pipe and manifold that offers lots of tuning options for truggy racers. The Speed 21XZ-B Spec. II Ty 110% is being produced in limited quantities.

  • A real difference-maker for buggies and truggies!
  • Features a 7 mm venturi insert that boosts power while reducing fuel consumption
  • The 4 mm lower cooling head lowers overall center of gravity for improved handling
  • A T2090SC exhaust pipe with 90 mm manifold is included with OSMG2036 for consistent low idling and excellent mid-range power



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