JConcepts Spring Dirt Oval Nationals


JConcepts Events is proud to present the Spring Dirt Oval Nationals. Held at the iconic HobbyTown facility in Omaha, Nebraska, the centrally located venue invites Dirt Oval racers of all skill level to race at the Plex. The indoor facility, managed by Alex Sturgeon, has a wealth of RC knowledge to go along with passion.

The Plex has indoor pitting to accommodate a huge group of racers and one of the largest indoor tracks in the U.S.A. The pit and race buildings are separate but attached for racer convenience. Upstairs, one of the largest hobby shops in the world caters to all things RC and specializes in all forms of racing. Racers will tune to the clay-based surface and utilize a controlled tire to simplify the event experience.

HobbyTown’s track build will focus around their current Dirt Oval track, however, updates and size changes will accommodate faster speeds, better driver visibility and include an overall racers feel to the dedicated event. The class breakdown is popular, including, Sprint and Late Model in addition to the latest class introductions of Street Stock, Wingless Sprint and Short Course Modified. The docket is full of excitement, prepare for a roar of thunder set to take place squarely set in middle America.

Reserve the date, book the trip and bring a friend along to enjoy a Midwest Dirt Oval experience. Visit the JConcepts Spring Dirt Oval Nationals website location at http://www.jconcepts.net/events/spring-dirt-oval-nationals for more information. Registration will be performed by the HobbyPlex crew and will go live on April 2nd, 2019 on RCSignup.com.


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