2018 ROAR Carpet Onroad Nationals Inside Coverage – Driver Interviews


Welcome to the 2018 ROAR Carpet Onroad Nationals Inside Coverage – Driver Interviews

Event covered by Matt LeMay, RCTech – 2018


In this installment, I’ve embedded some driver interview videos from the 2018 ROAR Carpet Onroad Nationals, held at APEX Raceway, in Murfreesboro TN. This years 2018 ROAR Carpet Onroad Nationals was an amazing event. The weekend was packed full of exciting racing and friendly conversation. Some of the fastest on-road carpet racers, from all over the nation, came to Murfreesboro Tennessee to compete in this single event. I had the pleasure of meeting many of the drivers, with some giving me an interview. It was a fun weekend packed full of driving, testing, setup, tweaking, more testing and finally, the main events. Not only were the competitors professional, but they’re are a good group of guys, and I was honored to be able to share just a pinch of this event with them.

Look for the next article, A-Main race footage. Coming soon.

_Driver Interviews

Sam Isaacs:

Mike Gee:
PCR – Psycho Cells Racing

Paul Lemieux:

Kevin Hebert:
Team Associated

Art Scrimo:
Team EAM

Troy Gubbins & Charlie Menard:

Eric Anderson:
Team EAM
APEX Raceway & Hobbies – Owner

Eric Epp:

The XRAY Team w/ Drew Ellis

_A-Main Races

Each driver must race in three A-Main races for each class they are racing. The points earned in each of the three A-Main races are then added up and the driver with the most points wins the overall, in that class. So each class will have three separate A-Main videos, A1, A2, & A3. Each of these three A-Mains in each class will have the same drivers competing.

I intended on putting the races into this article, along with the interviews, however, with the amount of time it’s taking to render and upload all of the race videos (24 videos), I’ll need to make a separate article just for them. I thought it better to get these interviews posted, rather than waiting on the races to render. So please check back in a couple of days for the A-Main races. Thanks for reading/watching! 🙂

Matt LeMay – RCTECH



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