Reds Racing NEW 1/10 TX2 ESC


Reds Racing is proud to announce the new TX2 speed controller for the 1/10 brushless class. It runs on 2S LiPo batteries and has a built-in BEC with 6.0V/7.4V voltage output. The new ESC comes with external power capacitors to maintain a compact design, a reliable external power switch and high-speed cooling fan. With High Grade and Low Resistance Components utilized throughout, the TX2 takes 1/10 scale competition racing to a new level.

Power, control and reliability remain the foundation of this ESC. Built with a custom high-efficiency aluminum heatsink housing and full programming, the TX2 provides the tools for the win!

What’s new?

– Improved MOSFET’s and a thicker PCB board. TX2 speed controller inner resistance has been lowered and the maximum current has been increased to 160A for better efficiency that increases performance and reliability.

– New braking system that allows you to have a powerful and fluid braking (very linear).

– New functions “Coast” and “Softening” that allow a driver to choose more ESC adjustments which improve performance and feel on the track.

– We have introduced a new Micro USB port to update and adjust the new speed controller directly from a PC or through Reds Racing program box.

– New built-in BEC with 6.0V/7.4V @ 6A voltage output.

– New power on/off button located on the ESC unit improves reliability over the old model as there is no additional cable.


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