One pocket-sized tool drives 32 fastener sizes and types


  • Includes the most-needed tips for working on R/C drones, park flyers and vehicles, as well as watches, jewelry, eyeglasses and more
  • Anodized aluminum handle holds 15 short-shank, double-tip bits — another bit stores in the “in use” position
  • Comes with nine tip options for Torx (or “star”) screw heads
  • Bit shanks lock onto the adjustable-length shaft with a push, for easy attachment and release
  • Sizes are clearly marked on each bit — rotate the handle’s end cap to remove the one you need
  • No-roll design keeps the Multi-Driver in place on your workbench
  • A useful tool for every pit and field box!


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  1. Would love a review on the quality. I like the idea of this and would get one for my pit toolbox, however most of these types of sets aren’t very good. Curious how this stacks up to say MIP or Hudy sets? Do the tips get dull/rounded quickly after use?

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