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Pure Sensor-Based Design
Sensor based motor technology has been the mainstay of all competitive racers and teams. The speed control constantly knows exactly where the motor’s rotor is, and can deliver extremely smooth and controlled response. The motor does exactly what you tell it, exactly when you tell it. You cannot be more connected to your throttle than you are with Novak’s 100% pure, sensor-based motor firing.

4-Pole Vs 2-Pole  
What is the difference between a 4-pole and a 2-pole motor? More magnetic poles on the rotor, and more coils in the stator mean the motor is suited for hard acceleration and heavier loads. While the 2-pole motors, such as the Vulcan Spec, thrive in high-RPM ranges, 4-pole motors will be superior in the flat-out acceleration race and constant low-to-mid RPM pulls. 4-pole motors thrive in heavier rigs, and typically run better on smaller tracks with lots of short acceleration requirements.

Heavy-Duty and Ready to Race
The Novak NX4 motor’s heavy-duty design is built for the demands of SCT racing.

  • Complete coverage heat sink– the motor’s can is precision CNC machined with heat sinking to provide maximum cooling
  • Pre-wired with 13AWG– multi-colored heat shrink and ready to install with quality gold-plated, quality copper 4mm bullet plugs
  • High RPM bearings– ABEC 5 high RPM bearings are installed and treated with Novak’s exclusive Speed Lube premium bearing oil to extend life and increase RPM
  • Kevlar-wrapped rotor- for maximum reliability and performance
  • Keep the dirt out– A closed motor design will help keep the dust and dirt out of your motor

The NX4 Sensored Brushless Motor is compatible and recommended with the following Novak ESCs:

  • Hammer (#1855 – also available in cost saving combo #3310)
  • GTB 3 (#1747)
  • Crusher (#1834)

Novak Supported
Novak takes pride in its facility in Lake Forest, California and also with its use of high-quality components and testing processes. Each NovakNX4 brushless motor is tested in the Novak factory to Novak’s exacting standards. All Novak products are supported by Novak’s knowledgeable customer support staff and race, and includes Novak’s One-Year Product Warranty.


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