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Olathe, Kansas USA – Long known for their industry-leading electronic speed controllers (ESCs) and highly efficient brushless electric motors, Castle Creations is pleased to announce the release of Mamba XL X ESC. This extreme controller is a perfect brushless upgrade or conversion for large scale, ultra-high performance 1:5th scale vehicles weighing up to 30 lbs.Mamba Monster X Combo-3

Extreme Control

The Mamba XL X combines the extreme performance that its predecessor, the Mamba XL2, is known for, as well as a host of upgrades to compliment the user’s experience. Most notable is the addition of the new, widely popular, Auxiliary Wire Technology. This feature allows users to make “on-the-go” adjustments to several ESC settings right from their transmitter using an auxiliary channel on their receiver. Configuration of the auxiliary mode is enabled through Castle Link, and once programmed, it eliminates the need for a Castle Link connection to change those parameter settings. Several prominent settings are accessible, such as drag brake, torque control, reverse enable and data log erase. This addition will surely be a favorite of the Mamba XL X buyers.

The Mamba XL X features new Audible Alerts as well. The ESC will emit tones that consist of long and short sequences when certain conditions are present. This enhancement will provide users the opportunity to correct potential failures and diagnose pesky setup issues such as radio glitches, or when high current spikes are detected, resulting in excessive load. Eliminating the guesswork and simplifying corrective actions means more time doing what we love, rippin’ through terrain and tearing up asphalt!

Data Logging enhancements include doubling the logging capacity and adding the ability for users to erase the log utilizing the auxiliary switch. Enabling the data logging feature will maximize performance and setup optimization. Who hasn’t wondered if they’re pulling more amps than their battery spec or been baffled by battery usage? Data Logging will record important power system information during use, turn-by-turn. Once the data is uploaded to the Castle Link Graph Viewer, users can view and analyze parameters such as battery voltage, battery ripple voltage, amp draw, motor rpm, and controller temperature. Ensuring a setup is performing within its limits is required to maintain a healthy power system.

The new Castle Quick Connect Duo (sold separately) offers users access to both wires into the single Castle Link connection, without opening the receiver box! The Quick Connect Duo detects the presence of a Castle Link adapter on the free lead and will then will switch the controller’s signal line from the receiver to the Castle Link.

Additional software enhancements include the addition of Link LiveTM to the Mamba XL X capabilities. This feature, when enabled, will allow users to experience real-time telemetry data such as battery voltage, battery current and ESC temperature. Compatibility with the Futaba S.BUS® T4PX transmitter is coming soon and this controller is Telemetry Link READY!


Extreme Power

The new Mamba XL X is capable of running from 3S to a maximum of 8S LiPo power, and now features an upgraded heavy-duty 20A peak Battery Eliminator Circuit (BEC). The output is adjustable from 5.0V to 8.5 and this beefed up version will provide plenty of power for today’s power hungry servos. Additionally, the 40mm ESC cooling fan provides superior heat dissipation, which is needed to withstand the loads required to power these heavy vehicles to high speeds.


Mamba XL X combo

Extreme ESC and Extreme Combos

Mamba XL X is available as an ESC only purchase or as a combination package. The combo includes the ESC, Castle’s 2028-800kV extreme brushless motor and a motor cooling fan (which is a must have for any hardcore basher). The cooling fan is powered by the receiver and can drop motor temperatures as much as 30 degrees! Both the ESC and ESC + Motor Combo feature all-new package designs as well. There will be no mistaking the new Mamba XL X from the previous Mamba XL2 once they’re on the shelves of your favorite R/C hobby shops.


Input Voltage: 3S – 8S LiPo (33.6V Max)

BEC Output Amperage: 20A peak

Weight : 10.4oz (w/ wires) Size:4.81in x 2.06in x 2.75in

BEC Voltage: Adjustable from 5V to 8.4V

Motor Connector Type: 8.0mm or 6.5mm motor bullets

ESC Cooling Fan: Yes, included

Data Logging: Yes, enabled through Castle Link

Motor Cooling Fan: Yes, included in Combo

AUX Wire Technology: Yes, enabled through Castle Link

Audible Error Codes: Yes


Yes, via transmitter, Windows® based PC and a Castle Link USB adapter (free with enclosed coupon), or a Field Link Card (purchased separately).


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