All New Billet Machined “Multi-Mesh” High Mass Wheel Set


Take a look at Integy’s new Billet Machined “Multi-Mesh” High Mass Wheel Set. This is a 1.9-class alloy wheel with a true beadlock design. It features our “high-mass” center barrel that puts weight onto the tires for more traction, a realistic alloy center cap, and we also include a set of 14mm hubs in case you want to widen the stance of your rig. Sold in a complete set of 4, these wheels are available in bluegoldgreengunmetalhard-finishred, or silver color schemes.

Finally, if you need extra traction for your 2.2-class rig, mount up a set of our 6-Bolt Billet Machined High Mass Wide Wheels. Made from aluminum alloy, these 2.2″ wheels are 1.75″ wide for a larger tire footprint on the rocks, and are a true beadlock design. The high mass center barrel adds grip, and these wheels feature your choice of standard 12mm hex mounting (most 1/10 rock crawlers) or the realistic 6-bolt mounting (12mm hex adaptors are included). As a bonus, this wheel set also includes extra 14mm wide hubs. Sold in a set of 4, these wheels are available in blackbluegunmetalorangered, or silver finishing.


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