REVIEW: MaxAmps 12 Volt DC Power Supply


No Matter what aspect of RC you’re into, we all have one thing in common – We all need a battery charger of some type. Be it old school chargers for NiCd and NiMh, or a newer charger for LiPo and LiFe batteries, we all use a charger, and for that charger, we are reliant on a power source. Some are equipped to handle AC (Alternating Current) power straight from the wall in your house, while others require a DC (Direct Current) from a battery or power supply. Speak of the devil,  a power supply is the exact reason I’m writing this article – I’d like to introduce the new 12Volt Power Supply! It claims to be quiet efficient, so let’s put it to the test…

First Look

The MaxAMps 12 Volt power supply came in a plain brown shipping box wrapped in bubble wrap and taped securely. Once unwrapped, I found a nice little power supply, an AC cord, a couple of decal sheets, and an instruction manual with four rubber feet stuck to it. The power supply itself is covered in a heavy duty black shrink wrap and adorned by a cool looking decal. On the back is a warning decal stating not to disassemble the power supply, as there are no serviceable parts inside.



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