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I was sitting on my back patio wondering if it would be feasible to mow my lawn using a radio control vehicle. This sparked many other ideas of what RC vehicles could be used for, other than drones that is.

I started thinking of how I could use RC to be more successful at every day activities and even enhance my other hobbies. I decided to check the internet and found many radio controlled lawnmower prototypes. I love seeing how creative people can be, though I myself decided against pursuing an RC lawnmower for now. It just seems a bit too risky. That would be one SERIOUS signal loss! Fido, where are you boy? However, It would be almost risk free making an RC vehicle for collecting grass clippings or fall leaves. It has potential for a new project some day.

While searching, I also found some videos of RC cars being used to round up cattle. The RC truck would chase the cattle, then the cattle would follow the truck wherever it went. Here’s a link to one of the many videos I found:


I remember seeing a video a while back of a gentleman using an electric 1/5 scale vehicle in his rodeo shows. Sadly, I can’t find the video anymore. It was really cool though and the crowds loved it. If I remember correctly, he had a fake cow mounted to the top.

I was at a science museum several years ago and noticed a moon vehicle display. This display supposedly had moon rover type vehicles that had been used to navigate the moon. I know they weren’t the ACTUAL ones, because one of them was a modified Traxxas E-Maxx. I couldn’t find any pictures of the vehicle, but I managed to find an online picture of the display. The smaller vehicle on the right is the one that used many E-maxx components. Funny, but cool.
pic1 museum

Last year I decided to use an RC rock crawler as a base for my turkey decoy. It’s not an original idea, but it was still fun. I used an inexpensive foam turkey decoy. I just enlarged the hole in the bottom of the decoy and stretched it over the crawler chassis. I wish I could tell you I harvested many turkeys with my amazing RC decoy and perfectly honed hunting skills, but the truth is, I’m not a very good turkey hunter. Wait a minute! Let me restate that. I stink!
pic1 turkey

There’s still hope for the 2015 fall turkey season though. Maybe I can learn from my mistakes and be more successful. Being able to prepare just one turkey dinner for my family will be completely satisfying. I did however, walk away from last season with a bit more knowledge than when the season started. One of the lessons I learned was the importance of battery life. I’m used to throwing a battery in an RC car, driving it for a while and throwing another one in. Hunting is a bit different. I need more battery. Hunting takes a long time and the vehicle may be sitting in the field or woods for hours at a time. It truly is amazing how quickly an ESC fan can drain a standard NiMH battery pack. Perhaps disconnecting the fan is the answer.

Here’s a link to a video of someone else who seemed to be more successful at attracting turkeys than I was.


While on the subject of the great outdoors, I’ve also found some videos of people using RC boats for fishing. Now that is a good idea! There are tons of videos on this subject and some were successful, while others lost their boats. I hate to laugh, but that’s funny. I would imagine your chances of staying afloat are increased with the size of the boat, but so are your losses if you hook a monster catfish. Here are some links to a couple RC fishing videos.



So I hope this article has stirred up some creativity. I know you guys can come up with better ideas than what I’ve already found. What chore or hobby do you think radio control should be incorporated into? I can’t wait to hear your ideas!


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I built my 1st real RC vehicle in 1986 and have enjoyed this hobby ever since. I like all RCs, cars, trucks, boats, planes, helis, etc. I think every RC vehicle has its place, whether it be toy grade or hobby grade. They’re all fun to me, but the best part about this hobby is the people I’ve met and friendships I’ve made. But hey, enough about me. Share your background in the comment section of this article.

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