R/C Pilot Learns How To Race A Short Course Truck?


I would like to start out by saying once again, “I am a plane guy”.  However, I want to start racing so I found a decent outdoor track in a park within a mile of my house for my first practice session! I don’t know enough about racing yet to say if its a good track or not, but it seems like it will suit my practice needs for now; as long as you don’t mind dodging the occasional golf disc, it seems nice so I’m going for it!  The track is a “handpicked” dirt track with several jumps and turns. It also has a circle track around the out side, so that will be nice for me to learn on.


Upon arrival I set my Traxxas Slash 4×4 on the raised pit platform and did a quick walk around to see what was out there for me to hit. Needless to say there were several things, and I hit them all! One of the first things I figured out was that I am going to need to upgrade the stock Slash tires.

image1 (1)I have been running it for quite some time in the yard and up and down my street, so you pretty much just slide all over the track.  It sounds like I should be looking at Proline Snipers for tires on that type of surface after some quick research, so that’s what I will try first. The day was not a complete loss though, I did get a lot of laps around the outside circle track and even put a few jumps under my belt before I packed it in.

 Over all I feel like the first practice session went well! I am trying to take it a little slow so I don’t create any bad habits, so bare with me! I will be excepting any and all words of advice, so please feel free to tell me if there is something different I could be doing. I happened to find a couple of events in this area over the next few weeks, one of which is a rookie event, so I am hoping to garner some advice.

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  1. andersonwal on

    If you want to get into racing, do yourself a favor and pick up either a Team Associated SC10 or Losi XXX-SCT. Both can be found very cheap used and handle far better than a slash plus can take a hit very well. Plus it is better to learn on a 2wd because a 4wd will cover up alot of bad habits by just virtue of having far more grip.

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