XRAY RX8 2018 Online


2018 All-new Features

  • All-new chassis features larger front window opening for improved forward traction
  • All-new chassis with unique, innovative front flex adjustment using an insertable aluminum brace. Using the aluminum brace increases steering response and cornering speed; without the aluminum brace, the car is easier to drive
  • All-new adjustable weight position on both sides of the chassis for quick & easy weight balance adjustment
  • All-new rear layshaft bulkheads allow the use of bracket bushings to connect the layshaft bulkheads with rear bulkheads to reinforce the entire rear suspension, giving improved handling, especially in high-traction conditions.  Without the bracket bushings, the car has more traction; recommended for low-traction conditions. The new bulkhead design also allows installation of a top graphite brace
  • All-new rear aluminum bulkheads
  • All-new graphite brace for rear layshaft is part of the rear suspension Multi-Flex™ Technology
  • All-new graphite holders for rear upper arm have new positions – lower & more inside – for increased traction and improved durability
  • All-new rear aluminum suspension holders have new position for the rear arms – more inside – for increased traction
  • All-new steel extensions for suspension arms have a new position to work better with new rear aluminum suspension holders

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