NEW: Kyosho TF7 Competition Touring Car – WOW, you have to see this!




Product Name: TF7 4WD Touring Car Item No. 30026B
Barcode No. N/A
Retail Price: N/A

Map Price: $599.99
Arrival Date: Late September

The new Kyosho TF7 Competition Touring Car is undoubtedly the most advanced and sophisticated design in Kyosho history, and may well be the most advanced car on the market. A combination of updates and innovative yet simple new design features, deliver a package that has world-class performance potential. No expense was spared with the TF7 – it uses parts and materials that are ideal for the application, making performance the number one priority over bean-counter budgets and marketing plans to ensure the highest amount of sales. Let there be no mistake – the TF7 is simply made for fierce competitors that insist on the highest standards of quality and performance.

TF7 4WD Touring Car


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