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10170-203 | Reaction HP SC 2.2"/3.0" Drag Racing BELTED Tires
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Reaction HP SC 2.2″/3.0″ Drag Racing BELTED Tires
for SC Trucks Rear
Pro-Line is proud to introduce the History-making Reaction HP BELTED Drag Racing Slick SC tires! Pro-Line has developed the technology to mold a High-Performance herringbone weave pattern Belt inside of the all-new Reaction HP Drag tires.
Part # 10170-203 S3 (Soft)
MSRP $44.95
10172 | Grunt 1.9" Rock Terrain Truck Tires
Grunt 1.9″ Rock Terrain Truck Tires
for Rock Crawler Front or Rear
WATCH this product video!
Part # 10172-14 G8 (Crawling)
MSRP $35.95
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9069 | Avenger HP Street BELTED 1:8 Buggy Tires Mounted
Avenger HP Street BELTED 1:8 Buggy Tires Mounted
for 1:8 Buggy Front or Rear
Part # 9069-243 S3 (Soft)
MSRP $55.95
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6348-00 | PowerStroke HD Shock Caps
PowerStroke HD Shock Caps
for X-MAXX®
Part # 6348-00
MSRP $42.95
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