Available Now: Schelle B64 Carbon Gearbox Shims

The Schelle B64 Carbon Gearbox Shims package come with 2 pcs. 1mm thickness carbon fiber shims.   These shims fit in between the B64 gearbox and chassis and raise the gearbox and suspension mounts up higher as a tuning option.   Almost all “team” setups use this option to raise the rear gearbox to carry more speed through the turns.
1. 1.0mm carbon fiber, made in the USA.
2. 2 pcs. included to tune 1mm or 2mm height change.
3. Strategic cut-out to prevent backwards differential installation.
4. Package comes with Instruction/Tuning notes, 2 pcs. 1mm Carbon shim.
5. Works on rear suspension only.
When to use: 
• Raises the inner suspension pivots 1mm higher when using the same ride height (stack 2 for 2mm).
• More support in turns and a higher roll center.
• Makes the rear more responsive and more entry and mid-corner steering.
Remove all 5 gearbox screws from the chassis as well as the rear chassis brace screws.  Slide the shim into position on the chassis keeping the open side to clear the diff.   Re-assemble.

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