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Old 04-22-2011, 09:14 PM   #31
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I love how someone tried to mention Mamba when this thread is about HW and Tekin

I ran Tekin for a good 6 months when Vegas software came out before switching to Hobbywing and their 518 software and i have never looked back. No lap tops at the track and it has all the features and driveablilty of the Tekin if not more. If you can set up one you can set up the other IMO. At my local track there is no difference in lap times with both HW and Tekin locked in a 17.5 boosted battle.

As for warranty not everyone lives in the USA and can enjoy the superior customer service of Tekin. HW have excellent service as far as i can see with a few local racers having issues and having replacement speedies sent to them. Angelo will happily tell you they will fix your speedy as long as you pay shipping to and from China, You can't ask for more than that IMO.

If you can fit in a 120 amp speedy then do so otherwise the Xtreme stock at 60 amps is more than capable of doing the job in stock classes. I find the extreme struggles when it gets a bit hot at the end of a run but when you run in 35 degree ambient air temp everything gets a little hot and bothered. I would prefer to use the 120 amp but it will not fit in my Mi4CX with my extra large airtronics RX
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I have both Tekin and HW.

My Tekin is now my stand-by/back-up ESC while i have HW's mounted on my TC and 1/12.

From what little experience i have, i feel the HW is punchier to drive (to the point that i find myself trying to "de-tune" for less punch and more consistency).

At the track where i run, we have a good mix of Tekin and HW/SP users... and the laptimes are very similar among the fast guys (unfortunately, I'm not one of the fast guys)
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Personally I am surprised Tekin is still as popular as it is and I can only imagine the reason for this is the large amount of support from it at most tracks where as anything else generally has much smaller numbers and less "fast" settings from fellow drivers. I have driven various other peoples car with various speedo's and motors and some have gone surprisingly well but to me the Tekins have always had some big misses against the competition, they lack bottom end and they have funny brakes. On tracks with good to high grip Tekins work well but I have never seen proof that they are faster in any way than any other decent speedo except for on 5% of the average track.

H/W on the other hand seems to be a little less reliable however if you spend the extra and get a SP version these seem to have less problems (don't know why). The ones I have driven are a reasonable challenge to the throttle feel of the BD with good brakes and lower motor temps than the Tekin. They seem to have a lower potential as many use settings very close to maximum however they get results on the track.
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Old 04-23-2011, 01:40 AM   #34
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Originally Posted by old-man View Post
If I am not wrong, the resistance in the 120A is about half of resistance of the 60A. Not sure how that translates to meaningful power gains.
P=IV, so it would have twice the power at the same voltage
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Old 04-23-2011, 01:51 AM   #35
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Buy 3 hobbywings (for the price of 1 tekin) and never need to worry about customer service. I have 2 hobbwings, non have failed so far.

Tekin is a good product that I've used since the 1990s. If you're loyal to the brand and willing to spend 3x the cost of a Hobbywing (and willing to lug a laptop), go for it.
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Old 04-23-2011, 12:43 PM   #36
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Lots of people use Hobbywing, and that's great. They are fast and cheap. They are proving popular at our local club. I hope not everyone goes to them, as eventually the number become uneconomic for other companies and they stop making product. Competition is good, but it's not always a level playing field.
China has sweat shops, goverment subsidised power, companies that clone products at will, and plenty of other aspects that make production cheap (for people that choose to exploit those situations). Most products are made there initially, so i'm not taking a holier-than-thou approach. My point is just that when people make comment about how "x" brand is so cheap so why bother with "y" brand, perhaps think that it may not be POSSIBLE for companies to make things as cheap outside of China.
Also don't forget that other companies support local competitions and clubs. That's something I haven't seen from companies like Hoobbywing yet.
I know ethics may sound a bit hippy-like to many, but in the US especially, you guys are f**ked economically. Do you really want to contribute more by sending ALL of your spare money overseas, instead of a portion of it?

BTW, I am NOT saying Hobbywing use sweatshops and deal with corrupt bearocrats. I know nothing at all about their business operations.
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Old 04-23-2011, 01:10 PM   #37
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That's an interesting post.

America is indeed on the decline. In 1980, when Reagan came to power, America was the biggest creditor nation on earth. In 1988, when he left, it was the biggest debtor nation on earth, a position it has only enhanced in the 20+ years that have followed. America is already 'Made in China', as a visit to any shop there will clearly show. The US seems to want everything cheap, so it buys it from abroad (or, in the case of its automotive industry, from manufacturers who send the profits abroad), and borrows the money to do it. The UK is not far behind...

50 years ago we lived in a world where protectionism was rampant, and people were stuck with whatever the local market decided to make. Britain and America made terrible cars, motorcycles and white goods. As the world turned to free trade, away from protectionism, we were able to buy these from companies that made them better. If we were all patriotic, what would that quality be today? For America and the UK, pretty crap actually!!

China has people who work for low wages. They also have people who work for high wages. Poverty is in the rural areas, the industrial areas have higher standards of living. Workers in Chinese factories work less hours than those in rural areas on their farms. It's all relative. By your own admission, you have no evidence about any of the factories making these bits.

As consumers in a free market, you buy what you want where you want. If there is a better mousetrap, why not buy it? And yes, the Americans have clearly demonstrated that they do want to send their money overseas, mostly to China!! I see your point, but it seems to me that horse has bolted...

Oh, and having tried both HW and Tekin, my limited driving ability finds them equal over the race distance (12th and six-minute-GT10) with the HW having better throttle feel and costing half the price. You pays your money and you takes your choice.

Woffle over!!
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Old 04-23-2011, 02:13 PM   #38
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I might be wrong, but the original poster SAM-E might not even be from USA. Probably Australia? And I read Hobbywing is very popular over there.

Tekin killed the BD and other non-programmable escs via quality and pricing.

HW is now the new esc on the block. Quality at even better pricing.
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Old 04-23-2011, 04:41 PM   #39
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Originally Posted by Tekno_Jammin View Post
P=IV, so it would have twice the power at the same voltage
no it wont,it will have little to no noticeable gain,motor is voltage dependent
so no matter how powerful the esc is it makes no difference. motor makes the power which is drawn from the battery,esc is a gate between the two.

maybe you meant "it COULD handle twice the power at the same voltage"
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Old 04-23-2011, 06:31 PM   #40
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Originally Posted by JKL1031 View Post

A blindfolded shot at ur question: the 120A would run cooler and be more efficient?
120A is designed to be run in stock and mod

60A is more stock based with a limit of down to 8.5t or around there..

Bit surprised as to how much people worry about blowing up there ESC, there is pushing limits then pushing way too much...

Would say gearing conservative and find a better limit = less time waiting for a replacement The setup used by another driver might not be the same as yourself

Both tekin & HW/SP is just person preference they both require setup knowledge and gearing to get the best out of them.

Development cycle right now HW seems much aggressive with new software being tested all the time by team drivers where as Tekin is a lot more stable right now with something every 4-6 months both are being driven by market requirements which is great for the consumer

The more European manufacturer are just as quick and should not be over looked but they drive there own internal development direction which is not swayed by any forum or questions. The allow there team drivers to advance there software which is a different direction but the same goal.

that is my 2cent worth.
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Tekin was always my favorite. For years. Then we went through 2 rx8's, a 6.5 redline, and a the tekin SC motor in 1 month. Our 120a 2700kv setups are running flawlessly and winning. I just ordered another hobbywing setup. Looks like were switching over. I will always have an admiration for Tekin though. I used them for many many years.
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Old 04-23-2011, 08:30 PM   #42
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Originally Posted by old-man View Post
If I am not wrong, the resistance in the 120A is about half of resistance of the 60A.

Originally Posted by Tekno_Jammin View Post
P=IV, so it would have twice the power at the same voltage
joking, I hope. ... factor in that the motors inductance will swamp
any esc resistance.
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Tekin is a great brand with a gentlemen behind the company in jim campbell.There product is excellent with innovation,support and performance .

Hobbywing is also a top product with excellent performance ,support and innovation which in time will only get better and better .

So both have the own right tekin and hobbywing and it's up to the customer on what product they choose but whatever they choose they will be happy with any of the two .

The problem with some American manufacturers is they try to stop other abroad manufacturers from entering the US market by producing patents that they havent even innovated NOW that is protectionism this does not hold the customer loyal as there only trying to stop competition and choice which inturn makes the customer walk away not only from the product but the sport .

Hobbywing is different we hold the customer with support,innovation and quality not patents .That's the big difference between us and others .

we thought long and hard in the last couple of months with aquiring patents for our innovation but sat and thought why should we go down that path we know we are the designers and the innovators and thats more than enough for us .why spend money on lawyers for patents when we can spend that money on innovation for our loyal customers .The ones who Aquire patents and well know that its not there innovation only tells me they are falling behind the eight ball in patenting old tech and dont think in moving forward with new tech .In other words they have reached there limits
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Old 04-24-2011, 08:57 AM   #44
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Well said Cobra, and I couldnt be happier with my Speed Passion ESCs which are some how related too Hobbywing.
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Here in the UK we are waiting for the Hobbywing customer service to take off. It is good to hear that it will eventually. In the meantime, we have to look after ourselves, which does not make it easy for your company to expand sales.
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