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Old 11-11-2014, 06:14 AM   #61
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Originally Posted by ta04evah View Post

.Kyosho Optima mid SE, bought 2 and they were great cars.
.Schumacher Cougar, nice 2wd buggy to drive & tough as nails.
.PB Sizzler 1/10 pan car, others couldn't get the rear suspension to work, but I did & won a title event (then it got stolen during presentations).
.3 Racing F113 (2 of) Handle well out of the box, and rarely break.
.Tamiya TA05 ver1, thing has massive slop everywhere but it just goes where you point it without any fuss.
.Parma Pro Panther, the car kit came in a plastic bag much like a body shell does, looked like it was designed in Russia, build quality was non existent but it was actually fun to drive.

.Nichimo Spirit FWD Off road...
.PB Mini Mustang, 2 speed gearbox was never consistent.
.First of the Yokomo belt drive dog fighter 4wd off roaders.
.Serpent F-110, poorly made, shock was made of rubber, and broke when looked at the wrong way.

Really? I run one now and have never had a problem with the shock, just the pillow-ball enclosures coming loose. The only thing I have ever really broken was a front suspension link, and I hit pretty hard for that to break.
Chris Lockhart

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By far my TA-04. Durable, and fast, I still race this car to this day. Always run 1st or 2nd with it week in and week out.


Spec R-1. Worse car I ever owned. Absolutely fragile POS. I didn't even try to sell it to someone else, I seriously just threw it away.

All TC's I have owned.

Sakura Zero
Xray 008
Tamiya TB03 NSX USGT - Trakstar 21.5 - Hitec - HW JS - Futaba - TRF

" Tamiya RC's have soul, the others are just plastic parts "

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Old 11-13-2014, 11:26 AM   #63
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Rc10 Worlds
Shumacher Storm
X Ray FK05
Kawada Sv-10


Corally RDX
Corally Assassin
Schumacher Top Cat, front suspension would hang up every race.
Yokomo YR4 M2 USA edition, plastic was so flexible the a-arms ended up u shaped.
Losi Steet Weapon/Shelf Queen/Sweeper. Most fragile piece of crap I have ever owned.
Losi XXX-S graphite plus. You would of thought I learned my lesson with the first one!
Chris Lockhart

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Old 11-13-2014, 05:51 PM   #64
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Best Onroad:
Xray T4'13- Extremely fast and very responsive to adjustments

Worst Onroad:
Team Magic E4RS- very fragile and tweaked/bent parts easily. Could never hold a setup let alone drive anywhere near decent.

I also had a bad experience with the TA05R- was too fragile, just broke and pulled out camber links under normal driving without hitting anything! Also didn't handle well for me at the time. That being said I race against guys with probably some of the fastest TA05's in existence and they never have problems.

Best/Worst Onroad:
TT01- its great as a beginner car and ran very well in a spec TT01 class- anything outside of that and the car is junk and slow!
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Old 11-14-2014, 02:21 AM   #65
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Best On road:
- Tamiya M03 (tough, easy to set up)
- Yokomo YRF001 (handles great, tough)
- Tamiya TA05 IFS-R (very neutral handling car)
- ABC Hobby Genetic (quick and tough as nails)

Best Off Road
- Tamiya Fox (first RC car, gave it hell and never whimpered. Great vintage racer)
- Team C TC02T (awesome stadium truck.. esp for the price)

Worst On Road
- Losing JRXS-R (fragile, but loved the layout/design. Wish I put more time into it)
- Tamiya M05 (when compared to the M03...need to spend a fortune on genuine hop ups to eliminate slop and keep durable)

Worst Off Road
- Mardave Cobra (gearbox was fragile junk)
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Old 11-14-2014, 02:59 AM   #66
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Yokomo BD7
3Racing Sakura Ultimate
Shumacher Mi3.5

Tamiya Hotshot
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BMI Copperhead 12 with the "New Front Suspension." I think the car would have been great with the old-school L4-style front end. This front suspension design was great in concept, but poor execution and questionable material choices made it impossible to run consistently.

Tough call between
1. Original CRC Gen X 10 WGT car: Love the WGT class. This car was durable and easy to drive. Much less expensive than running 1/12th scale.
2. BMI DB12RR: This car was so consistent and easy to drive. I miss this car to this day.
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Old 12-04-2014, 08:35 AM   #68
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Great thread. I find it interesting how some people have listed the same cars for best and worst.
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Originally Posted by biz77 View Post
BMI Copperhead 12 with the "New Front Suspension." I think the car would have been great with the old-school L4-style front end. This front suspension design was great in concept, but poor execution and questionable material choices made it impossible to run consistently.
I'm shocked I haven't seen this particular car listed on the "worst" list more often. It's practically impossible for that front end to work after the first time you hit anything. Science fair project - maybe... Functional front end for a pan car - not so much...
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The best car was quite possibly my Tamiya TA05 with a twin deck chassis conversion and trf arm mounts.

A little heavy but man it was a tank! You could throw literally anything at it and it was competitive in its day.

My current t4 13 is also very durable though

Worst - probably the tenth technology predator. or the Kyosho mid optima pro turbo.

Both cars broke just looking at them.
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Best: Ta05v2R, been my tamiya series car and no complaint what so ever. Pretty durable, respond to setup changes well, very neutral, and can accept IFS bodies. Might not be as sharp and heavier than carbon cars but still very competitive with them. Really like the large 12 balls ball diff when using the aluminum diff joint. Make sure to use carbon reinforced chassis to eliminate banana boating after extensive use of the chassis. With that said, you do need some EXPENSIVE!! tamiya parts to make this car truly good.

Worst: tc6, the suspension mounts never stays solid, develops suspension slope very quickly and hard to install. The shock body is not nearly as polished as Tamiya and not as smooth, plastic not that strong, hard to get a consistent car out of it, too much steering, had to do a lot to make the rear end grip, quality of machining is only decent, aluminum do not feel very solid, steering crank design not very good in my opinion. With that said, the 6.2 really fixed almost all the design complaint I had with the car so might be a good car now. (same dual bell crank design steering, Spec R style suspension blocks with inserts, etc etc)

Just got started with a 417v5 and do have a good feeling about this one as well.

Had a Sakura XI DH converted to use XI lower deck. Quality and design are pretty good. Only complaint is the gear diff is pretty bad to be honest. I swapped it to a Tamiya 417 gear diff with a bit of sanding down and problem solved. However the car only worked well on carpet for me. For limited time I had it for medium grip asphalt, I could never get enough steering out of the car… But maybe it's just setup.
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Tamiya F-103 (Anniversary Edition)
Quite possibly the best RC car ever produced
Led to and entire new class, copied by all

Tamiya TA-02 FWD
Alex Racing Barracuda R2
Yokomo BD7-14
--> 12th scale Information Source <--

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Originally Posted by B16A2 View Post
Tamiya Hotshot

Yes it is a shocking design by today's standards and overly complex for no real reason, the tyres are crap, it's hard to service, the suspension is odd ball and ineffective - hey, that *looks* like a sway bar! - and it is heavy as anything.


It started 4wd and brought so many people to decent RC and racing (along with the frog and hornet) away from Jet Hoppers and has brilliant historic value.

it's actually pretty tough too.
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best: original rc10 gold pan, ran great out of the box. lot of other cars that were fun to drive.

worst: tamiya tt-01, hated it, never drove well, incredibly frustrating.
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worst. Losi xxx4. broke the front bulkhead first half of the first battery. no parts available for weeks. biggest mistake ever. only owned one losi product since and that was a the xxxnt. that was good.

the best. 3 come to mind.

AE RC10 championship edition. bought it in 92. best most durable offroad car i have ever owned thats after you double up the shock towers or switch to carbon towers. .

awesomatix a700. probably one of if not the best handling onroad car i have ever owned. superior machinework and very tunable.

lastly is my current car. ARC R10 2015. i have owned it since august and have not broken anything on it. had some hard wall smacks etc. not one breakage. super reliable and easily tunable. fastest car i have owned yet to date.
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