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Default Beginner question - Repair TT01 or upgrade to TA06?

Hi everyone,

I recently bought a tt01 pro, using a NiMh battrey, and stock Tamiya parts. Did light modifications of ball bearings throughout and carbon fibre shaft.

Recently (after around 3 hours playtime), I slided into a wall and destroyed my rear arms, and tore the socket out of the tub chassis, requiring replacement of the upper rear arms, lower rear arms and the tub. The replacements (a slight upgrade to adjustable alloy arms) will cost around $64(inc shipping), but an upgrade to TA06 will cost $240 (inc. shipping)

I was considering upgrading to the TA06, and gutting the internals of the TT01 to chuck into the TA06, but felt it might be a waste of money, given that I only mess around with my car, and do not race seriously, but given the comments about the crappyness of the TT01, I was wondering if an upgrade is in order.

Also, I am worried I might smash apart my TA06 if I get it, given that I'm a relatively new driver. The local racing league has a novice class, for ratio 6.6, silvercan, but I fear that if I race against novices, they (I) might smash up the TA06, which will leave me sad. Would a TA06 be more sturdy than a TT01?

Also, do not mind getting a second hand TA06/05, but have no idea where to get it.
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Ta06 will be a better car in almost every way. Easier to work on, easier to drive and faster overall. Tt01 is fine for a toy car. If price is a concern, have a look at 3racing.
If only for the street, maybe the associated tc4 for the sealed drive train. Or tamiya xv01.
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I would upgrade if I were you.

Look into the 3racing sakura XI or the spec-r s1. Both can be had for about $120 or so and are actually pretty decent cars. Half the price if TA-06 for a brand new one.
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If I was bashing in the street, I'd stick with the TT-01 and I would replace with Tamiya plastic arms rather than aluminium arms that will either bend or break other parts on the car when I crash. A TT-01 is pretty robust, I doubt a TA06 would be more robust - all cars break if you crash them.

Even if I was racing I'd stick with the TT-01 until I could run a whole race without crashing and with consistent laptimes. TT-01s drive pretty well, mine was always competitive against much more expensive cars, generally buying the non-Tamiya alloy parts only makes them worse.

TA06 is the next level up in performance but only worth it on a prepared track, it has a lower ride height and a more exposed drivetrain.
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If you aren't racing at all my first choice of car every time would be a TT01. Nothing takes a beating like a TT01, if you have an accident hard enough to break the rear suspension of a TT01 the same accident would damage any other car, with repair costs being greater most times as well. I would also recommend staying with the Tamiya plastic suspension arms, in an accident the arms flex to absorb the impact and then spring back. Alloy arms will either transfer all the shock loads directly into the chassis, so you end up breaking the chassis every time, or in an accident that would cause the plastic arms to flex and then bend back, with alloy arms the alloy bends and stays bent, so your alloy arms have to be replaced regularly.

Don't even think about the 3Racing Sakura or SpecR S1 that have been recommended above. Apart from having very few shops worldwide stocking spares, the drive belts will quickly get chewed up by the dirt and grit on the road. The TA06 also has exposed drive belts, and like the others the stiffer plastics used are much more likely to break in any accident that a TT01 will flex and bounce off.

We run events where we hire out r/c cars to the general public, so the cars have to withstand being driven into track barriers and each other, running constantly for up to 8 hours a day by people who don't have any driving skill. We use TT01s because they are proven to withstand that abuse with very few breakages.

If you want to start racing, again the best car to start with is the TT01 you have. It works, there isn't much you can tune on it so you can't mess up suspension settings making it difficult to drive on the track, and you can see what the other drivers are using so you will have a better informed choice of what car to upgrade to if you want to stick to racing.
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I do race on a track. By mucking around, I mean racing on my own on the track, or informally on the track. The track is relatively clean.

My TT01 crashed due to a slide/spinout, which it seems to do very often. Am I approaching the corners too quickly, or is it the car? The guys that saw it seemed to have differing opinions...

More opnions appreciated, but I think I'm going down the repair, rather than the upgrade option.
Should I bother with the adjustable arms option, or should I go vanilla arms? I was thinking of cambering the rear wheels to make it less prone to spinout.
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Do you live in the US? Parts are easily available from tqrcracing.com for all spec-r s1 and sakura zero cars.

Why pay $65 to fix an old car that's old and outdated? The s1 is actually a very capable car.
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If I were in your place, I would repair the TT01 and then buy a SpecR S1.
You will learn better with these 2 kits and have a car for bashing and for
circuit racing. The S1 has a wider window for upgrades and set up and is
relatively cheap. I had 2 TT01s (D and R) before and had fun with it till I sold it
since it can't handle hot motors. I also have an S1 since January and using
it on the street and the track up to present. I also have a TA06Pro thats
still sitting waiting for its electronics. For bashing duties I regularly use my
FF03Pro for street use, sealed drivetrain, centralized batt and less likely
to spinout is what I like about this kit. My next kit will be the XV01 or just
another S1 kit with different setup than my current. BTW, I also have a
short course truck for off road fun. I just love variety!
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