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R/C Tech Forums Thread Wiki: Xray XB2 2WD Buggy Thread
Please read: This is a community-maintained wiki post containing the most important information from this thread. You may edit the Wiki once you have been a member for 90 days and have made 90 posts.
Last edit by: dgrobe2112
Instruction manuals: (C/O BentKa)

Xray XB2 Carpet Edition Instruction Manual

Xray XB2 Dirt Edition Instruction Manual

BentKa: Carpet Edition 4 gear to 3 gear laydown conversion parts:
  • Gearbox #323014
  • Motorplate #324012
  • 36T idler gear #324236
  • Brace for waterfall #324031

Socket: Bodies Available:

Xray has two OEM bodies, the .75mm and the .50mm light weight:
light weight: https://www.amainhobbies.com/xray-xb...329701/p492942

OEM .75mm: https://www.amainhobbies.com/xray-0....329700/p477762

Also, I've fitted the yz2 body, both the light and regular fit fine, just make your own cut lines:

[i] J Concepts S2 Body [i]

Penguin Racing makes a high grip body that fits the DE and CE:

Socket: Wheel fitment:

According to some, you'll require different offset rear hexes to use B5M wheels. According to my Hudy setup board, B5M wheels are the same offset. I measured the overall width of the car with XB2 wheels, and then again with B5M wheels, same measurement.

On the front, B5M wheels were 1.5mm wider. Xray offers hexes to reduce width -.75 on each side, or you could spend 3-5 minutes and sand your OEM hexes down .75mm.

edit by dgrobe2112
here are the hubs for losi and AE

for AE Front 365354 -0.75
for Losi rear 365358 +3.00 (4 stripe)
for AE rear 365359 +3.75 (5 stripe)

Socket: Flex and the XB2:

Flex screws are as follows:

Plastic bulkhead between motor and waterfall. Can remove screw in chassis, or remove bulkhead altogether.

Waterfall has 4 screws, can remove the inner two or outer two. IIRC, removing the inner two provides more flex, and thus more bite.

Removing the battery brace. This gives a tremendous amount of flex on the middle of the car, and can sometimes be inconsistent. I do this for outdoor racing on low bite. I like the feel over the 4 gear in 17.5 racing, since the 4 gear will take some snap away off the corner.

Rear C block - has inner and outer screws. I haven't played with this, as it's a crucial pivot point of the car.

Medium arms and towers -> I don't believe the carpet car has the rear medium tower available, however the DE DOES have an optional hard part. I think the hard parts are more consistent, especially when it gets hot (90+ degrees F). However, the medium parts do NOT break unless you're severely talented. They also don't wear out.

Socket: Avid/Schelle Slipper mod:

Credit to WillS, Matt Trimmings, and myself for figuring this out months ago.

Parts you'll need:

B5M V2 3gear compatible top shaft.
TKO Special 5x13x5 bear OR 5x13x6 bearing Either can work. This replaces the spur side bearing on the top shaft.
5mm shims, same shims used in 1/8th scale clutch bells. Look for protek .1mm and .2mm kit.
Avid or Schelle b5m top shaft kit, with spur gears of your choosing. (DE can't handle a 69, the CE can)

Shimming: You'll need to install the bearing in the front portion of the removable piece for the shaft. Make sure the bearing is pushed all the way in. With the TKO bearing, you'll need to shim approximately 1.4mm on the front side of the top shaft. Roughly .3-.5mm with the other bearing. This is a "feel" and tolerance setting. I urge you to watch videos about setting clutch bell play in 1/8th scale to get an idea of what yield you want for end play. Too tight, it'll eat bearings.

Outside of trans case: Use Avid/Schelle top shaft spacer plus .2mm shim to offset slipper from motor plate perfectly. Install slipper as instructed, and use Avid/Schelle spring and XB2 slipper nut.

- NEW - Schelle now sells Xb2 Topshafts. They include a spacer, so no need for shims in gearbox, and comes with the smaller bearing. Both methods work.

Socket: Yokomo Differential or MIP pucks:

Credit to: WillS for figuring out pucks, and as well fitting the Losi 22 diff with the same mods.

Parts needed: Yokomo Bmax2 or YZ2 complete diff OR Mip PUCKS outdrives
Xb2 diff gear
Bmax2 V3 Worlds rear dog bones, or Bmax 2 pucks dog bones
You'll use XB2 axles, and will require no other mods for the axles or dog bones.
You'll need .2mm outdrive/diff shims. Shim approximately .5mm on each side of the diff, behind the bearings. The top portion of the transmission is what "sets" the diff in place, not the bottom half. A little play back and forth is fine, the stock diff has some play from the factory.

dgrobe2112: CE to DE conversion:
along with the parts needed.. you MUST have these following hardware, or it wont work


(3) XRAY 902340 M3x40 button head screws. these are the screws that mount the motor mount to the tranny
(4) XRAY 903322 M3x22 counter sunk screws. these are for the rear diff case, to mount to the chassis. i think i used some M3x18 and they worked ok.

Socket: Best method for setting up the XB2 ball diff:

The XB2 diff is stellar when setup correctly. The spring is too short and soft, allowing the diff to slip. You'll need to glue the rings to the outdrives with just a drop of CA, then add a 1mm shim between the spring and the outdrive. This preloads the spring and stops the diff from slipping so easily.

OR, you can run the AE diff spring, which is both slightly longer, and stiffer. The overwhelming issue is the stock spring allows the nut to bottom out on the outdrive before the diff is tight enough.

This shim:

This diff spring (don't need a shim, then.)


Functional Aftermarket parts: (Not just bling!)

Servo Horn: (The B5M sized horns are too short to get full throw)

Socket: Exotek has a full suite of parts, some bling, some not. Here's a list (all fit DE and CE, unless otherwise noted):

Titanium front axles: http://www.exotekracing.com/xb2-titanium-front-axles-2/

Rear Hanger, HD (Adds 4 grams): http://www.exotekracing.com/xb2-rear...75-heavy-duty/

Brass C block, 18 grams added: http://www.exotekracing.com/xb2-rear...-brass-weight/

Alloy front camber mount: http://www.exotekracing.com/xb2-fron...er-mount-7075/

Carbon Fiber Chassis: http://www.exotekracing.com/xb2-carb...m-plate-2-5mm/

Alloy rear hubs:http://www.exotekracing.com/xb2-allo...ub-set-2-7075/

Alloy servo mounts, allow for use of LP servo:http://www.exotekracing.com/xb2-xb4-...-alloy-1-pair/

Titanium shock mounts: http://www.exotekracing.com/xb2-xb4-...shock-posts-2/

Slipper Eliminator: http://www.exotekracing.com/xb2-direct-spur-mount/
Xray eliminator is #324100

dgrobe2112: 2016-2017 new 3 gear laydown
Gearbox #323014
Motor plate #324012
36T idler gear #324236
Brace for waterfall #324031

dgrobe2112: Xray Spring Rate Conversion:
front C WHT
368174 2 str 0.65-0.85 3.71-4.85

358184 2 dot 0.65 3.71
368185 3 dot 0.72 4.11
368186 4 dot 0.80 4.57

368273 2 str 0.35-0.45 2.00-2.57

368284 1 Dot 0.35 2.00
368285 2 Dot 0.40 2.28
368286 3 Dot 0.45 2.57
368287 4 Dot 0.50 2.86

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Old 05-19-2016, 09:55 PM   #3091
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I currently have 3 dot front 1 dot rear, I tried 2 dot rear with 2 dot front. Now will try 2 dot rear with 3 dot fronts. Couldn't get ride height down to 16mm in rear with 2 dot. I didn't want to cut the spring but now i'm gonna try running 50g S.S weight so ride height might come down some more. I also run rear sway bar which I noticed not many people running with one. I find the sway bar keeps the car flatter in the corners and really helps with better turn in when running 1.2mm with new tires. I think a front sway bar would be good to keep the car flat through corners and really help keep the inside rear tire on the ground to prevent diffing out. I noticed Yokomo just released sway bar for yz-2 and b6m also has option to run. I hope Xray offers this soon.

This is high bite carpet track.
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Old 05-20-2016, 12:36 PM   #3092
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How does everyone like this car? Pros/cons? I have been running the Rb6 for the past four years and want to try something new. thinking about this car or the yz2
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Old 05-21-2016, 01:40 AM   #3093
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Ok my new lay out at my local track gots some really big jumps and I'm chassis slapping really bad I got 3 hole piston with 32.5 front and 30 rear with yokomo green spring in rear and yokomo orange in the front. Any one else chassis slapping bad
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Are you running the stock pistons? Can you try 1.6mm x2 front and 1.7mm x2 rear? Schelle makes solid pistons.

SoCal R/C Privateer, find me at either OCRC or SCVRC!
My JUNSI POWERED Rides: Xray XB2 CE, Hot Bodies D413, Kyosho RB6, HobbyWing Xerun 3.1, Futaba 4PX, Futaba and MKS Servos, Speed Passion Hirosaka and HW V10 Powerplants!
First car Kyosho Pegasus and RC10CE! More than 25 years Racing! Happy to lend a helping hand. Just ask! :)
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Is anyone running a 9.5? If so, whats your gearing like?
Mackenzie Meyercord
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Anyone here tape the battery in? Like I did in the car that will no longer be mentioned?
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Last edited by JAE; 05-23-2016 at 12:28 AM.
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Originally Posted by todb View Post
Anyone here tape the battery in? Like I did in the car that will no longer be mentioned?
The battery brace is part of the tuning. If you are looking for a more chassis flex than the stock plastic gives you then maybe. Just depends on the surface you are running on.
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Old 05-23-2016, 04:45 AM   #3099
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Anyone use the yatabe springs,Also is I'm a little leary of the plastic gears in the gear diff.Should I upgrade to the metal ones.
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Old 05-23-2016, 06:24 AM   #3100
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Originally Posted by bassbusta01 View Post
Anyone use the yatabe springs,Also is I'm a little leary of the plastic gears in the gear diff.Should I upgrade to the metal ones.
The plastic gears are fine, I ran the gear diff with only two of the spider gears on super high bite with no issue.
Mikes Hobby Shop
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Old 05-23-2016, 07:01 AM   #3101
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Originally Posted by bassbusta01 View Post
Anyone use the yatabe springs,Also is I'm a little leary of the plastic gears in the gear diff.Should I upgrade to the metal ones.
Never had an issue since they updated the bevel gear in the original XB4 3+ years ago. Just don't run it dry.
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Old 05-23-2016, 12:49 PM   #3102
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What hex is used to properly mount tires with Associated B5M offset? Also, is that the same is Xb4? thx
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Old 05-23-2016, 12:54 PM   #3103
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I tried the 4 gear mid setup (not laydown) and liked it on high bite clay. We had a track rebuild and due to the build quality we now have much better grip than before, with that said, the 4 gear still worked really well. I feel I'm pretty close with my setup now. Also, id recommend using the AE diff spring, I found it has greater tension before bottoming out so its a bit easier to dial in...
Mikes Hobby Shop
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Old 05-23-2016, 12:55 PM   #3104
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Using B5M wheels. Which hexes do I buy? I have AKA evo wheels and Jconcepts wheels. I also have a bunch of 2.4mm electrons i'm trying to burn through so would like to use the appropriate hex. Also do the same hexes apply to the XB4? I'm open to buying new 2.4mm wheels as well. thx all!

Originally Posted by Socket View Post
I measured stock hexes on the rear with JC b5m rear wheels, and the car had the same track width as the stock xray wheels.

Fast_Ho_cars was there when we measured. I haven't checked the front, yet.
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Old 05-23-2016, 01:11 PM   #3105
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Front 365354 offset -0.75
rear 365359 offset +3.75

all you gotta do is search hexes in this thread.. it will bring then results..
Daniel Grobe
Proline Racing / RC America / Xray
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