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QuangVuong Donate-only a few $ per month Would be great, just to keep the pics alive.

If this isn't working, just send a donation to:

PSX Donate(TBA)

HOW TO: Reprogram the GT3B Radio

Improve LED Readability in Sunlight

Glitch Buster Capacitor Mod

Lipo/Other Battery Mod

Regulator Mod

Diode Mod

Reptile's GT3B Steering Bearing Mod - Pics here of steering adaptor, which is a KO type wheel. Round with a flat side.

Changing the Stock Wheel

Using the VRC Adaptor

Latency Tests
Stock Firmware Latency

3ch 0.4.1 Firmware Latency

PSX Firmware Generator

Custom Firmware
All downloads are still at the same address:
And beware that You must click at the file first, then other WEB page will show and at this next page select "raw" at the header of file.

New Firmware Help-

Service Menu

GT3B Review

Insight of the GT3B

Useful links!


FireFrenzy's Tutorial on Reprogramming the GT3B

STM8S Mod from 305

losikid67 Overkill RC 3pos Switch Adaptor

Preprogrammed GT3Bs and Reprogramming Accessories from OverKill RC

People Offering Reprogramming Services
Is currently on haitus til next year. Sorry guys.
QuangVuong - Any Aussies looking for a service, please PM me! Return postage paid by customer.

Smoedog -$5 per radio + shipping

Mattyhawk -
$5 to open the radio to do any mod
$10 Recom Voltage Regulator (VR)
$5 Program Radio with Firmware of Choice
$5 Make the radio Lipo ready (suggest VR mod)
$7 Bearing Mod
$15 New Aluminum Steering Wheel - Installed
$15 Skin Wrap in 3D Carbon Fiber - Installed
$5 LED Indicator
$2 Improve LED Readability in Sunlight
$2 Re-program Firmware with Updated Firmware
The Works (VR, Program, Lipo, LED & Bearing mods): $32**
**(with the "Works" package, will do readility mod for free if you want it)
Return postage paid by customer.

Chicago, Illinois
Currently has had issues flashing radios with the metal shielding.
beemerfan - $10 + all shipping costs for reflashing

losikid67 - $10 for first reprogram (will include 4-pin header) and $2 for each additional future program + shipping both ways

$7 for the programming
$12 for the voltage regulator mod (cost of VR included)
$5 for the bearing mod
$4 for the led mod + shipping both ways

Fixitrod - $10 plus postage both ways

Jefferson City, Missouri
bugman72 - $10 + shipping for the reflashing service, $5 + shipping for the bearing mod

Portland Oregon (Pacific Northwest)
Robs Pics - $10 plus return shipping

Duke De Rio - Voltage regulator mod for $10 the programing for $5 and the bearing mod for $5

British Columbia
Kamlooper - $10 plus shipping

Where To Buy the STM8S?
Overkill RC - $25
^This is more expensive as it is a premade kit for you to reprogram your kit without any other accessories.^

element 14-$15.71



UK Farnell-7.23 Pounds

Micro 4 You Studio-$16

Future Electronics-$8.55

Please PM me if you know any stores, which sell the STM8S board. Please send me a link of the item.

Please PM me with your area and price you are offering to reprogram the GT3B. I will be adding to this list.

If Ive missed your tutorial, or something useful, please PM me and Ill add you here. Sorry if I did miss you.
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