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Reprogramming the GT3B
First thing is that youll need a STM8S board which costs about $15.

Buy it from here: Its the only place in Australia that has them locally.

Then you desolder points SB1 and SB2 Or snap the board in 2.

Then it'll look like this

Or snap along this line. Better to cut it

On my radio, I soldered a 4 pin matrix board(aka 4 way header) to the 4 holes. It saves time from soldering and desoldering the wires. I can just use a 4 port servo plug.

This is how you wire up the radio to the board. Notice how the wires are the same way. Take notice of the positioning.

Ok download the ST Visual Develop software here:

Open up the programmer after youve installed it
Make sure you have these settings

File then save - save your original file, so you can restore your radio if anything goes wrong.

Then go to file and open. Then find the modified flash software. This can be found at:

It should load up like so. Then go to program, then This tab

Then it has a progress bar and there will be a message at the bottom saying that it was successful. So I fixed the trim(up to 99 now instead of 30) and added more EPA for more steering lock. without the need of any mods to the chassis.

Theses were my mods: fixed expo, trims set to +-99, 9.6v low voltage, 1 min backlight and 200% max EPA.

Please check out the list on page 99 or 200, for more people who offer this reprogramming service.
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